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Listen to the Detractors of Noah Ark by Art Bulla: Original Air Date: April 29, 2010
Detractors of Noah Ark Discovery. Motivated by Reprobate Mind.

Reprobate mind of anti-Christ establishment, which controls media and academia, detract anything that contradicts their ungodly paradigm. Denial of evidence of Noah's ark found by Chinese and Turkish explorers claiming the rooms they found and took pictures of were "staged". How could wood be dragged up 13,000 ft to build rooms to trick people into a hoax? Incredulous accusations by "archies". Scientists are not objective but are ax grinding Darwinist scholars. Recording of Dr.Hovind on the fallacy of evolution. Near death experience
numbering in millions contradict so-called "science" paradigm, which denies the existence of spirit body and the Holy Ghost. Treatment of Noah's ark discovery by scientists is similar to bigoted reaction against Michigan tablet stones discovered at turn of century.There ate 30 separate collections found by plowing fields, digging cellars, etc in Michigan of tablets which contained imagery of Biblical scenes, crucifixion of Christ, tower of Babel, mystic
symbol (5 spikes) shared among all of the tablets) etc.,one collection by two men Soper and Savage consisting of 30,000 artifacts alone. Recording of a former atheist Howard Storm giving account of his near death experience back in 1985 in Europe where he died in hospital before being resurrected to life. Synopsis by Aaron Kim

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The Revelations of Jesus Christ - Apr 30,2010

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Web site update: Noah's Ark discovery on Ararat above 13,000 ft (see videos):
I am listening to the Ark of Noah Found show by Art Bulla

Original Air Date: April 27, 2010
Ark of Noah Found!

Discovery of Noah's Ark!!!! on Mt. Ararat in Turkey, just as described by Josephus. A Chinese-Turkish exploration team, with pictures at, also (contains video of exploration of rooms inside structure), and .Carbon dating on wood samples dating back to 4,800 years about time of Noah's flood. Lieutenant Roskovitsky, Russian Aviator's Account of the Ark on Ararat, Marco Polo's account, Reading of Revelations of Jesus Christ on location of Noah's ark resting place on Mt.Ararat Synopsis by Aaron Kim
I am listening to the Ark of Noah Found show by Art Bulla

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evangelists claim 'Noah's Ark' discovery on Turkish mountain

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Listen to the Spirits Eternal or Intelligence? show by Art Bulla

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The Revelations of Jesus Christ - Apr 28,2010

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Art Bulla's Blog on the Redemption of Zion and The Revelations of Jesus Christ

Art Bulla, a revelator who has published The Revelations of Jesus Christ, a volume of scripture for this generation, received as anciently, from Israel's God, comments on various topics relating to the impending redemption of Zion and the advent of the "Deliverer out of Sion" prophesied by Paul.

The Revelations of Jesus Christ - Apr 26,2010

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How Liberalism Is Destroying the People:

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Spiritual Birth Necessary to See Kingdom of God:

Spiritual Birth Necessary to See Kingdom of God 4/20/2010 - Art Bulla on Blog Talk Radio

Mistake made by liberals and scholars in relying upon their own understanding while not receiving revelation from God. Reason they are not humble. Liberal scholars therefore not objective but biased and distorted in their views. 5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Prov 35 Joseph Smith Taught the Principle Adam is Michael the Archangel the Father of Jesus Christ and is our God and Joseph Smith taught this principle. Journal of Wilford Woodruff Dec 16 1857. ...Brother Pratt also thought that Adam was made of the dust of the earth could not believe that Adam was our God or the Father of Jesus Christ. President young said that he was that He came from another world and made this and brought Eve with him partook of the fruits of the earth begat children and they were earthly and had mortal bodies. And if we were faithful we should become Gods as he was. He told Brother Pratt to lay aside his philosophical reasoning and get revelation from God to govern him and enlighten his mind more and it would be a great blessing to lay aside his books and go into the canyons as some of the rest of us were doing... Journal of Wilford Woodfruff Sept 17 1854. I tell you more Adam is the Father of our spirits. He had lived upon an earth He did abide his creation and did honor to his calling and Priesthood and obeyed His master or Lord and probably many of his wives did the same and they lived and died upon an earth and then were resurrected again to immortality and eternal life. Brigham Young 24th Semi-annual Conference. Oct 8 1854. vol. 1 Feb. 7 1877. Error made by these scholars such as Van Hale believing that Brigham Young would fabricate theology out of whole cloth outside of what Joseph Smith taught such as the Adam God doctrine and ancient prohibition regarding giving black race of Cain the Priesthood. Apr 20 2010

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The Council of 50:

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Three Davidic Servants Isaiah 11, 52; D&C113. Davidic Covenant not abrogated nor done away in the least by liberalism.

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More About the Council of 50: Joseph Smith, the spring before he was killed, met with a group "of more than 60 men" which were comprised of the 12 and the Council of 50, or the General Counsel. This was a body outside of the Church. This was the body of the Priesthood independent of the Church, greater than the Church, for it commanded and organized the exigence to Utah. Brigham Young was the head of this Council, which was the political kingdom of God spoken of by Daniel, which would eventually reign over the Earth. It was in connection with this Council that the keys of the Priesthood were bestowed upon the 12. The First Presidency of the Church was not in attendance at this meeting. The Church was ignorant of this meeting. A letter from Benjamin F. Johnson to George S. Gibbs, and a statement made by Orson Hyde corroborate this meeting. Van Hale shown to be a liar concerning this history. Original Air Date: April 11, 2010
More About the Council of 50

Mormons will not discuss another organization outside of the Church within the Kingdom of God called the Council of 50. Priesthood exists outside of the Church. Lord's Anointed seperate office than President of the Church. Example is history showing how past prophets such as Jeremiah,Hosea,Micah,Amos,etc. held keys of the Priesthood while criticizing corruption within established Church.

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Higher Offices Than President of Church: Art Bulla

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Organization of the Council of 50 and the Political Kingdom of God ; Art Bulla:

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Attack on Evolution and More on the Seventies:

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