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Fwd: John W. Taylor discourse SL Tabernacle 1888- may I purchase a copy?

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Date: Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 10:05 AM
Subject: Re: John W. Taylor discourse SL Tabernacle 1888- may I purchase a copy?
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You are very welcome and if I can be of assistance in the future.  Regarding Easter (the name is Ishtar, the Babylonian fertility goddess, hence eggs and bunny rabbit, which Constantine adopted to appeal to the Roman masses to put the whore clothed in scarlet astride the beast (the Roman empire, saith the Lord) with his fabrication, the Catholic imposition.  Protestants continued the holidays. these things are an abomination to the Lord God of Israel. Rome was the 6th head and the ten horns are the ten European nations, but the horn "more stout than its fellows" is the United States, which wore out the "Saints of the Most High" in Daniel 7. So I really don't acknowledge Easter at all, being a pagan holiday.  See my notes on this at

Ishtar with eggs symbolizing fertility.

On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 1:53 PM, kennydshaw <> wrote:
Dear Brother Bulla,

Thank you so much for going to such great lengths to search for this wonderful material.

I actually had a copy of the John W Taylor discourse, Salt Lake Tabernacle 1888, but it was lost through several moves.

I found a single paragraph on the website with the money quote "Glory be to Adam our Father and our God, to His Son Jesus Christ, and their son Joseph Smith, forever and ever amen".

This statement struck me with great power and made me feel the burning of the Spirit.

Thank you for all you've done to help me in this search.

Happy Easter - He is Risen!
Ken Shaw

Art Bulla <> wrote:

I am sorry, I am now up to speed on this issue.  I confused your query as referring to John Taylor.  Then I realized that John Taylor died in 1887, therefore the negative search results on Vol 1, RJC for 1888.  The quote I gave you, which I believe is the only one in Vol 1, RJC from John W. Taylor and my expansive comment refers to Adam is God. But perhaps John W. also referred to the Testator as well in the discourse.  It has been perhaps 20 years since I was intimate with this so my memory may be lacking.  Stephen Shields was a co-publisher with Duane Crowther at Horizon Publishers in Bountiful, Utah, and Stephen was (is?) RLDS at the time. Bruce R. McConkie had told Duane to "burn" his book just written titled "Thus Saith the Lord" which gave definitions of true vs. false prophets both within an without the Church, or he and Horizon would be "run out of business" according to Stephen Shields and Sam Weller, owner of Zion Bookstore on Main St. who was buying the revelations as I printed them beginning the year of the flood down State St. May of 83. I have one of the few copies spared. Stephen in his office when I visited in 83 in Bountiful, invited me to write an article for him in his magazine or publication titled Restoration Magazine, which I did.  He had published a book titled "Divergent Paths of the Restoration" and his little magazine had circulation, though small, it was world-wide. I received letters in response to the article from everywhere, Russia, England, Sweden, etc.  The discourse you desire a copy of, I found in its pages because Stephen gave me about 3 issues.  It came out bi-annually.  Since then I have tried to find that discourse myself, since those issues were lost due to the fact I had to live in a tent in the Rockies for about 13 years, due to severe persecution from the Mormons and therefore in the many moves, they became lost.  But I had managed to pull that remarkable quote from the article containing the discourse.  The article I wrote for Sephen is here!997

I found this quote from a Revelation which I received, Section 55, The Revelations of Jesus Christ on the Testator being Joseph:

13 For it was, saith the Lord, that I the Lord
God did fill my son Joseph with such fire and
power from above, by beholding my
countenance, that the things of this world no
longer held him at all, saith the Lord.
14 For he saw the truth, which is my might,
and verily as it is written, my glory, as beheld
by Moses and Joseph and others of my servants
the Seers of Jacob, verily set my servant Joseph
free from the cares of this world, and he was
led to exclaim as Moses, "Where is thy glory
Satan that I should worship thee, for I have
seen the God of glory, therefor depart from me
Satan, for Him only will I worship, for I can behold
thee in the natural man.
15 It is so, surely, But I should have withered in
His presence except I were quickened by a
portion of His Spirit, and I have other things to
inquire of Him.
16 Therefor depart from me, Satan, for it is darkness
unto me.'
17 And my servant Joseph verily did enter even
into the rest of the Lord His God, which rest is
verily beyond words.
18 And thus was he delivered from the temptation
which beset him at that time, for he verily
did behold my glory, saith the Lord God of
19 Therefor let them beware who set on my servant
Joseph, for the earth shall pass away as by
fire, but my servant Joseph shall shine brighter
than the sun at noonday also, for my power is his
power, and my glory is his glory, saith the Lord
God of Art Bulla, for we, are we not one, O vain
man, who perisheth with thy substance, which
shall it not wax old and decay, that it return to
the dust of the earth.
20 But Joseph is with me, saith the Lord, and I
am his, and he verily is mine forever, worlds incorruptible,
without end, and we are the one
God, even Trinity for he is that Testator of my
Father, ordained and sanctified from before the
foundation of the world, born in the flesh and
sancitified also as it hath been done on the other
worlds and I am the Son, even of the same.
21 Even so. Amen.

I hope that helps,

Art Bulla

On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 1:16 PM, Kenneth Shaw <> wrote:
Dear Brother Bulla,

I've been trying to track down a copy of Apostle John W. Taylor's discourse delivered in the Salt lake Tabernacle in 1888, in which he explicitly declares Joseph Smith to be God the Testator. 

In my many searches I found what looks like a reference to that talk in your "Revelations of Jesus Christ, Vol. 1" published in 2003.

I would be very grateful if I could purchase a copy of that talk by John W. Taylor from you directly.

Thank you for your kind and patient consideration.

Best wishes,
Kenneth Shaw
Burlington, VT




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