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The Purpose and Meaning of Life

The Revelations of Jesus Christ



REVELATION on life after death. Future state and progression of souls of all men and women delineated. Preexistence of spiritual bodies. War fought in this state among spirits. Rebellious spirits cast out. Memory blotted out concerning events before birth. Separation of spiritual and temporal bodies at death. Existence of devils or sons of perdition, or fallen angels detailed. Resurrection and atonement voted upon by spirits before birth. Plan rejected by fallen angels or spirits, thus denied mortal bodies and cast out to earth. Presence unseen by men, but influence felt. Numbers thereof delineated. Authority of Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedec only authority by which devils are cast out of abodes of faithful spirits [bodies]. Authority of Priesthood of Aaron also delineated.

Thus saith the Lord unto my servants that inasmuch as ye have inquired of me to know the source of truth or that which doth testify of me, saith the Lord,
2 Behold, I will give unto you knowledge concerning these things, inasmuch as ye have asked in all diligence and humility before me.
3 Behold thus saith the Lord, all truth cometh from me, whether pertaining to those things which are of a temporal or as is spoken, a scientific nature, as well as that which is spiritual, or that which pertaineth unto the spirit of man.
4 For upon that death spoken of which is a temporal death, which is the death of the body, behold that which is the spirit of man which is in the express image of the body, doth it die also?
5 I say unto you nay, but it doth continue before me, saith the Lord God, that it lives and moves and has a being.
6 And that which is the spirit of man can never die except it be ordained of me, and thus saith the Lord, the spirits of all men and women stood in my presence from before the foundation of the world, for did I not speak unto my servant Job, in the which I inquired of him, And where wast thou when the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy?
7 Yea, where wast thou?
8 And did I not speak unto my servant Jeremiah: Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee and sanctified thee to be a prophet unto the nations.c
9 And the spirits of all men had their agency which I the Lord their God did given unto them in that day, yea, even from before the foundation of the world upon which thou standest.
10 For I did command, and that matter which was in an unorganized state, became organized that these spirits might have whereupon that they would dwell in mortal tabernacles of flesh and bone and sinew, and prove themselves whether they would be obedient in all things whatsoever I the Lord their God should command them.
11 And I the Lord their God did cause that their memory should become blotted out concerning those things which transpired before that they should become agents unto themselves.
12 But behold as I the Lord liveth a perfect knowledge of these things shall be restored unto them in mine own due time, saith the Lord, that they shall know all things pertaining to the past, present, or the future which are true.
13 Then cometh that judgment spoken of and the resurrection of the dead, in the which the small and the great shall be brought to stand at that daya, and if they have worked righteousness, righteousness shall be restored unto them, but if they have done evil in all the days of their probation, evil shall be restored unto them, and this according to that which is just and true, saith the Lord, which is in me.
14 And the resurrection is the reuniting of the spiritual and the temporal bodies, which bringeth a fullness of joy saith the Lord.
15 And for this cause was man created that he might have joy.
16 Therefore he tasteth the bitter that he might prize the sweet.
17 And the resurrection is brought to pass by the atonement which was wrought out in the day that I, the Father, did command that mine Only Begotten who was prepared as a fitting sacrifice from before the foundation of the world, for he also was with me from the beginning, should take upon himself the sins of the world.
18 And a record of these things is had in that scripture known as the Bible, which is had among the Gentiles, even down unto the present time.
19 For I did cause that it should be preserved among them that it should point their minds in the direction of that path which leadeth unto the Eternal Lives spoken of.
20 And other scripture have I caused that it should be written also, for I the Lord God am the same yesterday, today, and forever, and my work, neither my word is yet finished that I should not cause more to be written.
21 For out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established, saith the Lord of the whole earth.
22 Wherefore who is it that doth counsel me in their iniquity, saith the Lord, because it is that I the Lord God of Isaiah deign not to speak unto them in my power, they deny that I the Lord God can give utterance as in times of old.
23 For I the Lord God speak and the children of men in their wickedness and depravity deny these things and set up stakes according to their narrow understandings and wrest the scriptures away from their true meanings that they perish, yea even from the earth.
24 For all shall be revelators in the day when I come in clouds of glory to their destruction, for they shall see signs in that day, but not unto their salvation, saith the Lord God of Enoch.
25 For do I not speak face to face with those who be with me in heaven, saith the Lord?
26 Then how is it that I cannot also speak unto them who wander in darkness at noonday, who wander in darkness and despair upon the earth as anciently?
27 For are ye not as precious unto me as they, saith the Lord?
28 Therefore if I the Lord God condescend to send thee an eyewitness as them of old, condemn him not, for if ye receive him whom I send, ye shall receive me also, and this according to mine appointment, which is after the Order of the Ancients, even Melchizedec of old.
29 For I the Lord God am the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
30 And if ye honor him and feed and clothe him, then ye have done it also unto me, saith the Lord.
31 For what king is not insulted if he whom he hath sent with his message is smitten and afflicted and scorned by them unto whom the message was sent?
32 And what king is there doth not send his armies to avenge his honour, saith the Lord?
33 Therefore, O man, in thy ignorance, beware how thou holdest the oracles of God!
34 For thus saith the Lord, many things which were plain and precious unto the understanding of man were removed from that Bible by the hands of wicked men whom I did not move upon in that day which was the foundation of a great and abominable church, which is the whore of all the earth in the which many of the Gentiles, yea, an exceeding great many do stumble and err upon the points of my doctrine which were plain in that day, saith the Lord.
35 For they imagine up unto themselves a God who it is that doth vary from that which I have said.
36 For did I the Lord God not say, one jot or one tittle shall in nowise pass from the law which I the Lord God did command that my servant as he is known among men, Moses, should write for the benefit of the children of men which is known as the Ten Commandments, which has been the foundation of all righteous government from that day unto this?
37 Yea what meanest thou, O man?
38 Can mercy rob justice?
39 I say unto you nay, but mercy claimeth the penitent only yea those only who truly humble themselves that they may receive forgiveness according to my mercy, yea that they, if they endure to the end, may receive more, yea, even all things, and this according to the atonement wrought out in that day by mine Only Begotten, even Jesus named the Christ.
40 And all who are obedient unto me through mine anointed, even my servant, Art Bulla, in whatsoever I the Lord their God should inflict upon them, having proven them, that upon the resurrection they should return once more into my presence, having gained an experience, saith the Lord, that thereby hell is shaken by them forever, they will dwell with me, the Lord their God, and partake with me of eternal life, and shall dwell with me forever, worlds without end.
41 They shall receive of those things which are beyond the mind of man to comprehend in the greatness and might and glory and intelligence and power thereof, for they speak and matter, doth it not shake and tremble and move at their command?
42 And thus may all work out their own salvation, even in these things, saith the Lord.
43 And unto my servant Art, I the Lord have seen of thy sacrifice and thy tears, and thou, even thou, shallt receive, with me, all that my Father hast.
44 And them who harden their hearts against these things shall perish, saith the Lord, for I the Lord thy God who am mightier than they all, shall not be mocked.
45 For the wicked shall be destroyed by me, saith the Lord, and it shall be completed, even the consumption decreed, even in this generation, shall it come, saith the Lord, that there shall not be left one of them to stand against the wall.1
46 Therefore was he formed by my hand that I the Lord your God should give unto you another gift, for having given the children of men one gift, ye need not suppose that I the Lord your God cannot give unto men another, for he also is in the similitude and very likeness of mine Only Begotten, for he also was with me from the beginning and I have given that he should speak words, yea eternal words for the salvation of the children of men, as a second witness of me.
47 For out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established, saith the Lord of the whole earth.
48 And thus may all become my sons, yea, even the Sons of God, by being obedient unto the laws and ordinances which were established for the same also from before the foundation of the world.
49 For there was a vote taken according to the agency which I the Lord God did give unto those who were my sons and daughters who were spirits before the world was, which was according to the pattern of that which had been done upon other worlds which I the Lord God have caused that they also should be organized according to the pattern which had gone on before, and which shall be forever.
50 And behold it came to pass that even as it has been on other worlds, there arose a contention among those who were my offspring.
51 For behold my children are they not spirits, saith the Lord God, even as thy children, O man, and O woman, are they not physical, yet my children, except for mine Only Begotten, are spirits, even thy spirit, O man, was it not begotten by me, even the Father thereof?
52 For the veins of my body, are they not filled with light and power greater than all the earth?
53 And thus it is that flesh and bloodd cannot inherit the kingdom of God, but flesh and bones, quickened by the power of the Priesthood, which is glory unspeakable, can, for I the Lord thy God, am I not a resurrected and glorified man, even as thou art able to become if thou art obedient unto that law which place the Gods on high, even Eloheim, saith the Lord?
54 And this is thy destiny and thy purpose, O weak man in the flesh, and I Jesus of Nazareth desired to teach these things among the Jews, my friends, but they killed me before it was that I was able to explain these things unto them 2.
55 And thus, O man, beset by infirmities, thy destiny if thou art able to bear it, is to become one of the Gods on high, that ye may fulfill and obtain, even the crown, yea, for I love thee, my children below in the flesh, saith the Father, and desire that ye partake with me of my life which is unspeakable in the might and power, honor and glory thereof.
56 And it is , that ye might have a witness among you of these things, that he beheld us in that day that we showed ourselves unto him and spake unto him from out of the heavens and said come up hither, that he may bear witness unto thee, according to power from us, that ye, by receiving him shall receive all things, that he beheld in that day that we showed ourselves unto him and spake with him face to face as Moses.
57 And all religions that are not after this order are false, saith the Lord God of might and terrible burnings.
58 And we will destroy thee, O man, if it be that ye do not worship us in spirit and truth, for are we not able, and shall we be mocked by them in the flesh, saith the Lord?
59 And according to his Apostleship that ye by receiving him shall receive all things, might, power, principalities, heights, depths, yea, they, even they all shall be given unto thee, O man, if ye come unto me through him who was mighty and strong before the foundation of the world.
60 And it is the desire of the devil, who is a spirit, even the prince of darkness and despair and death, that ye, O man and O woman, be kept even from these things, that ye partake with him of darkness and death and despair and hell, for he did rebel against us from before the foundation of the world even in these things, by thinking to abrogate the plan which hath placed the Gods on high.
61 And he drew one third of all the spirits with him out upon the earth upon which thou dwellest even at this time, saith the Lord God of Isaiah.
62 And the man is not without the woman in the Lord, even in everlasting burnings, yea the might and power of my glory, shall she be with him forever, and they too shall have children which are spirits upon other earths which shall be formed by the might, even of their power.
63 And thus is my work and my glory continued, that I the greatest of all shall be glorified by my children, that I may deliver up my kingdom unto my Father and his Father who art with me.
64 And are we not one unto thee O man?
65 For thou shallt be one of us if thou art obedient unto us through him whom we have sent and authorized by the power of the Priesthood, yea that power which is unspeakable by which seas have been split and armies put at bay, that he may teach by the revelations of Jesus Christ, of the one true way, even from us.
66 And it is necessary that each man have more than one woman, that they bear the souls of men that the works of my Father be continued.
67 And this is the law which placed even the Gods on high, and is this not a most holy principle, saith the Lord?b
68 For this was the law that Abraham and Sarah obeyed and covenanted with me that the seed should become as numerous as the sands upon the seashore for the numbers thereof or the stars at night.
69 And Abraham, doth he not even now continue these works, for was he not resurrected at the resurrection of mine Only Begotten Son, even Jesus of Nazareth, and is he not a God in the might and glory of my power, saith the Lord?
70 And it is my will that mine anointed receive unto himself them which shall be given unto him that he also partake with us of these things which are beyond the mind of man to comprehend, even forever and ever, worlds without end shall they continue and multiply, even as the stars at night, saith the Lords, and these, are they not the works of Abraham, saith the Lord?
71 And all who receive not these things which are written, saith the Lord, shall be destroyed by us body and soul in hell, for we will preserve our freedom even in these things, by marvelous power to the complete destruction of man upon the earth, who is our enemy, except he should repent and become like unto us, for have we not the power, saith the Lord God?
72 Even so, judge ye and see, saith the Lord, for thy generation is the one that shall be destroyed by us and we rejoice in it, for they that come, shall they not burn thee, O man?
73 And there is nothing that can stop even one of my little ones, who be warriors, full of vengeance and the fury of the Lord of Hosts in that day which shall burn as an oven, and all the wicked, shall they not be destroyed by us, saith the Lord, and this even if all perish, as by fire? 3
74 And as I said, there arose a contention among those who were mine offspring, for I the Lord God am the Father of thy spirit, O man, who dwelleth below in the flesh, for thou hast also been with me, even my children whom I love, saith the Father, from the beginning.
75 And there arose one who was in authority who was my son also, who also was also a son of the morning, in that he was placed in authority, being one of my firstborn, and he aspired for that which was not right, and he would ascend above the throne of my power, and would that he should take upon himself the glory.
76 Therefore it was caused that he and one third of all my sons who were spirits, who were with me from the beginning should be cast out.
77 For they, even they, according to the agency which I the Lord God did give unto them, staged rebellion in their wickedness, and thus they were forbidden that they should come in possession of mortal tabernacles or bodies, upon the earth upon which thou and thy fellows dwell.
78 And thus they make war upon the Saints and encompass them round about and they intend that the plan which was right before me, saith the Father, should be abrogated, yea even that plan which was voted upon by the remaining two thirds who were not cast out.
79 And this is the cause of all thy misery and wo upon the earth, for the war hath it not been transferred to the earth?
80 And all must take sides, for there is no middle ground, saith the Lord, even between good and evil and all, are they not enlisted, either on one side or the other, saith the Lord?
81 And a man's enemies shall be them of his own household because of the word, for I am not come to bring peace, but a sword, and father shall be against son, and mother against daughter, even in these things, saith the Lord.
82 And those who are overcome by the devil and his angels even in the rejection, even of these things, shall they not suffer with him in that lake of fire, for he hath no power, saith the Lord, except to tempt thee that ye may be proven, and this only for a season, saith the Lord?
83 And he knoweth these things, therefore he is angry and desperate, for his time is short upon the earth, and therefore he doubleth his efforts against thee, O man and O woman, and wo unto the disobedient, for they shall not escape!
84 Yea, even those sons of perdition, shall they not suffer the second death with the devil and his angels, saith the Lord?
85 And the height and the depth of their misery no man knoweth, neither is is it revealed except unto them who are made partakers thereof.
86 And this cometh upon all in this generation, saith the Lord, who endure not to the end, and receive my gospel, for have they not denied the Holy Ghost, even in these things, saith the Lord?
87 And thus, for thy sins and thy rebellion against me, O man, ye shall die, even a second time, if ye deny the Holy Ghost, which sin is unpardonable4.
88 And the devil hath form as thee, O man, though ye cannot see him with thy physical senses, yet he interacts with thy physical body to cause pain and death.
89 For power is given him for a space to tempt thee, O man, that ye might be tried, to see if ye are able to discern between that which hath a lasting value, or that which hath no eternal substance, which is transient, being of no worth, saith the Lord God.
90 And I have decreed that all men should be agents unto themselves, therefore it is given unto them that they should know good from evil, that they may choose, whether to be enticed by that evil one, or that they should be enticed by my Spirit, saith the Lord, to do good both unto; themselves by being obedient unto the laws and ordinances of my gospel, and unto others by teaching them of these things.
91 For true science and true religion, are they not the same things, O man?
92 For I the Lord God am the author of all truth, which cometh from me.
93 And there is not one among the children of men, nay, not one, that doeth good at all, save that he shall work according to the gift and power of God for the salvation of the children of men from the grasp of the devil and his angels which exceed in number over twenty-thousand millions.
94 For the warfare which began before the world was, hath it not been even transferred to the earth that ye be deceived if thou art not honest with thyself, O man, and with thy fellow man, and this as to the plan of salvation voted upon by you in that day, before the world was made, saith the Lord?
95 And this, O man, is the cause of thy pain and thy discomfort which doth afflict thee night and day, which pain is small in comparison with that which the who deny my power will suffer in eternity if they will not repent and come unto me, yea, even the Father of heaven and earth, and be obedient unto me through him whom I have appointed, and that true gospel which I have caused that it once more should be preached among you in that simplicity and plainness of God, in which it is impossible to err.
96 And any other which cometh unto you with any other gospel is verily not of me, saith the Father.
97 For the evil one is the father of lies and is angry and desperate, and desireth thy destruction that ye may partake with him of his misery.
98 And by the false doctrines taught in the churches and synagogues by the pious among men, he hath deceived the whole world, for their gospel hath not power as them of old, even Peter, James and John and Art Bulla, for thy salvation O man, and the whole world lieth and groaneth in sin and death and eternal destruction which hangeth over thee, O man.
99 For I will not be mocked, yea, even in these things hath he deceived thee and with false science, even evolution, O man.
100 And these are the first principles and ordinances of my gospel which plan was instituted by them who were spirits in the council of the Gods, which had been done upon other worlds, and voted upon by the majority: faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that One Mighty and Strong, also, for he also is my witness, saith the Father.
101 Repentance, which is forsaking thy false teachers, baptism for a remission of sins by immersion by mine authority which is after the Order of Aaron, which authority my son John, otherwise known as the Baptist held, and the laying on of the hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost which is my Spirit, by mine authority, which is without beginning of days nor end of years, which is after the Order of Melchizedec, which is after the Order of Enoch, which is after the Order of the Son of God, which authority was held by mine Apostles, Peter, James and John, and the keys of which are held at this time, by my servant Art Bulla.
102 And by obedience to these ordinances and revelations the children of men do the will of the Father and enter into the kingdom of God on the earth.
103 Thus and only thus are men born again, and any other doctrine which is taught even though he be an angel of light or one of the ministers of thy day, even as Billy Graham, or an Apollos, or a Spencer Kimball, or the pope is false, for the devil transformeth himself and his ministers into angels of light, though his ministers know it not, they are not guiltless before me.
104 For if they were honest they would admit they have not received from me one single thing, but speak according to their tradition or according to their opinion, saith the Lord which is not authority.
105 And thereby the devil thinketh to abrogate the plan of salvation voted upon from before the foundation of the world, and only a true prophet, seer, and Revelator of the sons of Jacob have intelligence and might and power to detect through the medium of the Priesthood and rebuke the devil in his machinations and deceivings.
106 And the devil teacheth that these prophets are deluded and are the basest of men.
107 Thus the Prophets of the Holy One of Israel are they not cast out from thy habitations, O man and O woman, that ye crucify them in thy ignorance, before me, saith the Lord God of Israel?
108 For these Prophets were mighty from before the foundation of the world in true science and intelligence, for is the glory of God not intelligence, saith the Lord?
109 And the classes of astronomy and music and mathematics, were they not taught from before the foundation of the world, for the spirits were arranged in classes and grades and teachers, were they not appointed over them, even my sons Mosiah and Levi Hancock, were they not overseers appointed by the Gods, even the council thereof.
110 And was not Jesus of Nazareth and that One Mighty and Strong, were they not the greatest of the sons of God, even in serenity and light and knowledge and intelligence from before the foundation of the world?
111 And that One Mighty and Strong, he also stood with the Father who presided in might over them all and laughed and approved of us in our endeavors and our friendships and our loves.
112 And Moses and Aaron, and Elijah, Jesus, Melchizedec, Brigham Young, Joseph the Seer, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, were they not with us, O man, in the councils of the heavens, and there wast no disharmony, nor jarrings, but each was obedient unto our Father in that day.
113 Even so, should it be here, but for the devil whom each hath wrestled in the day appointed unto him, that each should come forth and do battle in the name of the Father and his Sons, and the Holy Ghost, that having proved themselves, they might take their places with the sons of God on high, even Eloheim.
114 And now, thus saith the Lord, all things were created spiritually before they were temporally.
115 And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew was created in the spirit, yea even the earth upon which thou standest had its creation before element combined with matter, saith the Lord God, for the foundation of all matter is spiritual, saith the Lord God.
116 And that spirit which is in man which was with me from the beginning which separateth from the temporal body upon the death thereof, goeth to dwell with other spirits who also move and have their beings, and do not die but go to the spirit of the earth upon which thou standest to await the resurrection, for the resurrection cometh to all men and women except them who cannot repent, even sons of perdition.
117 And they await the resurrection of the just or the unjust, according to the deeds done in the body, saith the Lord God of Israel, my chosen.
118 And the spirits of all men and women were arranged in races and grades according to intelligence from before the foundation of the world and according to their performance in that war fought in heaven.
119 Yea there was a race of men cursed to be a servant of servants 5 from before the foundation of the world, for lack of valiance and bravery in that war in heaven, and this is the curse of Cain the first murderer and this curse wast it not preserved through that which is known as the flood through Ham?
120 And the greatest in the kingdom of heaven must be the least and the servant of all, saith the Lord, hence the ordinance of the washing of the feet hath also been done on other worlds, that the greatest might be in all and above all and through all, the light of truth, saith the Lord God.

121 And these spirits that await the resurrection, if they have been obedient unto mine ordinances which are administered after the Order of Melchizedec, and come out of Babylon which is fallen, and partake of the United Order, they shall have Eternal Life which is the greatest of the gifts of the Gods saith the Lord of Hosts.
122 For Endless is my name and Eternal is my name also, for they shall be my sons and my daughters and dwell with me forever worlds without end and partake with me of such glory, might and intelligence and power that the heart of man is unable to conceive of the greatness thereof, saith the Lord.
123 And he who esteemeth these things which I have caused to be written as a thing of naught shall be cast into that hell which is a lake of fire and brimstone from which there is no deliverance, saith the Lord, for I shall not be mocked.
124 And now as I said concerning the earth upon which thou standest, behold thus saith the Lord, it fulfilleth the measure of its creation, and I have made it to answer the ends of the law, for have I not caused it to be baptized by immersion thereof that it too might become cleansed from all sin, in that day which I did speak from out of the heavens unto my servant Noah?
125 And thus saith the Lord it too shall be baptized with fire and the Holy Ghost in the day not too far distant in the which it shall be cleansed from iniquity.
126 And this thou must do also, O man, if thou art to receive of thine inheritance upon the earth, for it is that thou must keep the Law of the Celestial Kingdom as the earth upon which thou standest, saith the Lord God of Israel.
127 For this is the law and hast it not been done also on other worlds too numerous to count, and have the wicked not also perished from off of them also, saith the Lord?
128 Thus they who are saved from each earth, do they not associate and rejoice together for they who were few, now are many, yea too numerous to be counted by man in his finite understanding?
129 And they are Gods, for they descended below all things while in the flesh, and have proven themselves worthy of my glory, saith the Lord God of Art Bulla.
130 And the earth becometh a body celestial, for it too shall die.
131 Nevertheless it shall be resurrected to receive of its fullness and that according my law, saith the Lord, in the which it shall become a sea of glass and fire, even an Urim and a Thummim 6 upon which they who are bodies celestial shall inhabit it forever and ever, and they shall have access to kingdoms which are of a higher order yet, as well as those which are of a lower.
132 For did I not cause it to be written by the hand of my servant Paul that there are bodies also terrestrial7and also telestial for did not my servant Paul behold these things in the which I the Lord God did remove him from his body that he was also able to behold the workmanship of mine hands, saith the Lord God?
133 For their boundaries are set, for where I am they cannot come worlds without end.
134 For they received not my law when I did call unto them from out of the heavens, and they denied NOT the Holy Ghost, as ye of this generation have done if it be that ye reject these things, saith the Lord, for they were not of thy generation who are saved, saith the Lord, for the earth at that time was not filled with the anti-Christ.
135 And it is for thy sloth, O common man and woman that ye have allowed these things to come among you that ye shall also suffer the second death, if ye repent not, for ye, even ye have allowed yourselves to become corrupted by these anti-Christs even Meade and Freud and Jung and Korihor which they did not do.
136 And them who are saved cannot be enlarged, but must remain in their saved state, separate and single, as they are for eternity to eternity, and is this not damnation?
137 Nevertheless they are in their saved state, though they be not as the sun in the glory and might which proceedeth from their bodies by which glory they are quickened upon the resurrection, for flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of my Heavenly Father, but flesh and bones quickened by spirit, which is light, can, but are some of the moon and some of the stars.
138 And the vision of the telestial and the inhabitants thereof were as numerous as the sands upon the seashore, or as the stars of the sky at night.
139 And the vision of the telestial is that as one star differeth from another in the glory thereof, even so is the resurrection of the telestial.
140 And the man is forever segregated from the woman and the woman from the man in the telestial.
141 For they abused their association, therefore they have not power from me, the Lord their God to associate forever.
142 And if a man or woman will not agree to these conditions, then it is that they, even they shall not be resurrected, but shall suffer the second death with the devil and his angels, for mine anger is it not kindled against the inhabitants of the whole earth in their iniquity before me, saith the Lord?
143 And thus is there weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
144 And in the terrestrial, the man and woman associate, for these are the honorable men and women of the earth who were blinded by the cunning craftiness of men who lie in wait to deceive, although there is no union which is called sexual, but this only in the Celestial Kingdom, saith the Lord.
145 And there are laws which govern the telestial as also the terrestrial and the celestial, for in my Father's house there are many mansions.
146 And there is one glory of the sun and another glory of the moon, and another of the stars.
147 For all these are bodies, yea, even in the resurrection, and do they not differ in eternal glory which proceedeth from their bodies, even as there are different races of men in the flesh, O man, and thus do the races of men differ, for the House of Israel is it not the most intelligent, saith the Lord?
148 For they are even as the sun in the glory thereof, even Shem who is Melchizedec and his descendants, and the gentiles, even Japeth, one of the other sons of Noah, from whom the Gentile nations are descended, are they not as the moon in the glory thereof, and the negro, the African tribes or nations, who are descended from Ham, the third of the sons of Noah, are they not as the stars in intelligence and glory?
149 And thus the races of men are more markedly delineated forever and ever in the resurrection, for the bodies in the resurrection which are Celestial are as the sun in brilliance.
150 And all things flee from their glory unless quickened by them.
151 And the glory of the telestial is beyond imagination.
152 And thus my judgment from before the foundation of the world is wrought out upon the inhabitants of the earth, and all exclaim, thy judgments are just, O Lord, and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ, and that Art Bulla is that One Mighty and Strong, for all power on earth and in heaven hath been given him also, saith the Father.
153 For he is my second witness, for out of the mouths of two witnesses shall every word be established, and they shall see and know at that day when it is that they bow the knee.
154 And the children of men shall not be resurrected unless it is by his permission, saith the Lord.
155 And he shall rule over these kingdoms forever and ever for they are his dominions which I the Father have given into his hands and they shall be his servants.
156 And the rest of the spirits of men, they go away to reign with the devil and his angels and are devoured by him forever, for they, were they meet for a kingdom of glory?
157 And thus the meek shall inherit the earth, for the meek they, even they are resurrected to possess it, and the devil hath no power, and thus they who be with him possess nothing.
158 For they have no bodies, and this is his punishment, saith the Lord, for death is his end and they are cast into outer darkness along with many of this generation, saith the Lord, if they repent not and believe that I have sent another unto them even as them of old.
159 And there are missionaries even now in the world of spirits preparing the sons of men for the resurrection.
160 For these have not denied the Holy Ghost which attitude if fashionable among this generation, saith the Lord.
161 And the height and depth of the suffering of them who deny the Holy Ghost no man knoweth save he shall be made a partaker thereof, for it doth require millennia for the spirit to die and be ground back down to its native element from which it was begotten, and this by the devil and his angels who are mighty to the destruction of men, and they are without hope having crucified mine Only Begotten unto themselves afresh.
162 And this fate cometh upon all of this generation who receive not my gospel, whether it be Billy Graham, or the Pope, saith the Lord, for they were given much, and where much is given much also is required, even obedience to mine anointed and diligence in keeping his commandments which I the Lord shall give him.
163 And the rest of the vision of the resurrection of the dead is contained within that volume of scripture which I the Lord God did grant unto the people of that generation through the mouth of my servant Joseph Smith, who is even now with me, saith the Lord, in the might of my power as a witness against that generation who killed him in that day, that the foundation of Zion should even be laid.
164 Therefore cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils, saith the Lord.
165 And as respecting that theory concerning the origin of man upon the earth in the which he is said to have sprung from orders that are called lower, behold, it is false and cometh from that Evil One who goeth up and down in the earth blinding the hearts of the children of men, in the which they raise their heads in wickedness before me, and deny the Holy Ghost and the Creator that made them.
166 Thus they become devils forever and ever, saith the Lord, and suffer the wrath of the Lord in eternity and are cast into that lake of fire, and their worm dieth not but they are consumed.
167 And the common man and woman is not guiltless before me in these things, saith the Lord, for in their sloth they have allowed themselves to be deceived, even in these things and by false religions.
168 And now concerning the earth upon which thou standest, the revolutions thereof are fixed, yea as also the stars and the planets; all move in their times and their seasons appointed unto them, for I am the Lord thy God and by my power have I created them.
169 And all these are kingdoms and must abide the law unto which they were appointed, yea as even the earth upon which thou standest, and as there are laws which govern the planets there are also laws unto which I have appointed to govern the spirits or souls of men and all who abide my law shall have glory added upon their heads forever and ever;
170 For it is by my law, that all who are governed thereby are preserved and sanctified, for without law, there can be no order, and without order all things must remain in confusion and a state of chaos, which thing is displeasing unto me, saith the Lord.
171 Yet all intelligence if free to act within the boundaries of the sphere appointed unto it, saith the Lord of all creation, that all may fill the measure of their creation, that all may have joy therein.
172 And it is my desire that that order which existed among all things in the spirit, saith the Lord, yea even before the world was created should be done temporally according to my will and commandments which I dispense unto the children of men through the medium of mine appointment which is after the Order of Melchizedec, saith the Lord God of Israel.
173 And thus is the foundation of all righteous government which cometh from me, saith the Lord.
174 And it is now my will, saith the Lord God of Israel, that all other governments among men which are not of me, but are after the Order of that Evil One or of man should become done away among you, that I may organize you according to the intelligence of mine anointed, who is mine administrator, saith the Lord, according to that pattern which was established before the world was;
175 That the pain and suffering and lack of fulfillment which doth exist to such a marked degree even now among you be done away, and that I the Lord thy God should take up my abode upon the earth which thou standest;
176 That thereby the earth may fulfill the measure of its creation, for unto this end was it appointed that it might become the dwelling place of the sons and daughters of God.
177 And the wicked and disobedient will I destroy, saith the Lord, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch in that day which not far distant which shall burn as an oven, as I spake through the mouth of my servant Malachi.
178 Even so. Amen.

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