Monday, May 30, 2011

New Revelation and Persecution by Sectarian Mormon Priests

Listening to "New Revelation and Persecution by Sectarian Mormon Priests" by Art Bulla on #BlogTalkRadio

Over air response to mockery by caller and host "Literary Device" Hale.  Evil-speaking of the Lord's anointed is unholy and impure practice, saith the Lord.  Asked for evidence to be produced why Art Bulla is not the prophesied "One Mighty and Strong" spoken of in Isaiah 28 and DC 85.  "Literary Device" Hale criticized for bringing his anti-Christ hammer and chisel to chip away at the credibility of DC 85 as this fool does concerning every other testimony (i.e. "the Book of Mormon is a literary device").  Read from DC 121 concerning fate given me of the Lord concerning these persecutors and defamers.  Conferred with Jimmy on weather.  Plagues being poured out on Gentiles.  Then read from Orson Pratt's masterful "New Revelation" discussing absurdity of bounding the All Mighty to a canon defined by the "Whore of all the earth" the "Mother of Harlots" (Constantine and Roman) in 373 AD.  


            (Rev  17:5)

  • Att6ab8b
    The Revelations of Jesus Christ: 
  • "But we ask, does it remain for a people who never had faith enough to call down one scrap of revelation from heaven, and for all they have now are indebted to the faith of another people...does it remain for them to say how much God has spoken and how much He has not spoken?"  Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Two 1834-37 Pg.60
  •  Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Six 1843-44 Pg.365
       When a man goes about prophesying, and commands men to obey his teachings, he must either be a true or false prophet.
  •  Our website:
  •  "All men are liars who say they are of the true Church without the revelations of Jesus Christ and the Priesthood of Melchizedek, which is after the order of the Son of God."  Joseph Smith; TPJS p. 376
  • "He that can mark the power of Omnipotence, inscribed upon the heavens, can also see God's own handwriting in the sacred volume: and he who reads it oftenest will like it best, and he who is acquainted with it, will know the hand wherever he can see it...." (T.P.J.S., p. 56)

·         10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
11 But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.
12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. (New Testament | Galatians 1:10 - 12)

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