Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Listening to "The Truth About Religion" by Art Bulla on BlogTalkRadio

The Truth About Religion by Art Bulla in Religion Tue, Apr 26, 2011 At the beginning of the program, Jimmy and I received a call from a Muslim who began questioning my theology, whether I believed that Jesus was God. I immediately said yes. He then asked if I believed there were more than one God. I said yes, trying to tar me with the brush of being inconsistent, that if Jesus were God and his Father was God, well that is two gods, etc. After explaining that there are many earths according to the testimony of Moses which he received on an exceedingly high mountain. I testified that each earth has a Father, a Son, and a Testator, I then explained that the word "trinity" was a concept adopted by the Mother of Harlots, who rode the beast (Christianity established by Constantine as the state religion of Rome) borrowed from the pagans to become popular with the pagans, along with the pagan holidays. Ishtar (Easter), the Babylonian fertility goddess with the egg and rabbit signifying fertility, an example of this. Jesus was not and is not a Christian, saith the Lord, but such (the harlots of the Catholic (Universal) Mother, being the denominations, are an abomination in the sight of the the Lord and they (Protestant ministers with faces painted black) led a mob which killed JOSEPH, MY JOSEPH in cold blood in 1844, a crime which has never been satisfactorily addressed by Christendom, but God requited this blood upon their own heads by pouring out civil war upon them, saith my Lord. I declared I was not a Christian, by God, upon which our Muslim friend hung up, being confounded. "There is very little power among them (Gentiles of Babylon-US), their institutions are shattered, cracked, and laid open to the foundation. It is no matter what principle you refer to-if to their religion, it is a pack of nonsense..." John Taylor



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