Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ruminations With Jimmy Hardy on Amazing Apostasy of Mormons:

Ruminations With Jimmy Hardy on Amazing Apostasy of Mormons
by Art Bulla
in Religion
Thu, Apr 21, 2011

Comments and discussion, some concerning email of apostate cultural Mormon who is probably a sodomite, whose judgement is characteristically inverted calling good, evil and evil, good. Praised VH for doing more for Christ! As if denying the Book of Mormon as a "literary device" and attempting to destroy credibility of the scriptures, the testimony of the prophets is a service to Christ! This creature does not know me, knows nothing about me, yet tells me that I am a liar concerning the testimonies I have born concerning visions and revelations, seeing reactions of those who heard an audible voice speak, seeing devils depart from a young woman's body are all made up! In the words of Joseph, "If I had not lived it, I would not have believed it myself." Truely "darkness covereth the land and gross darkness the minds of the people" in their wickedness and unbelief, fostered and encouraged by VH and the apostate clique who fawn and boot-lick this fool.

Whereas I have the testimony of a voice which shook the ground upon which I stood, and I have also the testimony of the Holy Ghost which dwelleth within me to the confounding of the world, and I have the ministration of angels, one of which hurled the Green Beret onto his back unhurt, and I have the testimony of being removed from my body to behold His face, and I have the testimony of speaking in the Adamic tongue for upwards of an hour while conversing with Him in the Spirit of the Most High, and I have the testimony of laying my hands upon the sick and they being healed, and I have the testimony of casting the devils out of a young woman afflicted... Please see


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