Monday, April 25, 2011

Listening to "Calls Callers Many Good Questions" by Art Bulla on BlogTalkRadio

Calls, Callers, Many Good Questions
by Art Bulla
in Religion
Sun, Apr 24, 2011

Received plethora of calls, mocking, but many good and thoughtful questions. One from a young woman who really wanted to know, said she would pray and continue to seek, one from a young Messianic Jew who said he was "on the sidelines" regarding the sects of Christianity. I went into how that Christianity was apostate, and the "Great and Abominable Church" perverted the right way of the Lord early on as prophesied by John in Revelation, even adopting the pagan holidays of Easter (Ishtar) which was a pagan celebration of the Babylonian Ishtar, goddes of fertility, for instance to appeal to the pagans to be popular in its adoption by Constantine as the state religion. Harlots of the Mother of Harlots are the denominations of Christianity, whose ministers with faces painted black, slew the Prophets Joseph, my Joseph, and Hyrum Smith. One caller asked if I "believed in dinosaurs", which I delighted me and I explained in detail where these came from (fossils). Had the most listeners and callers ever.

Started show with this quote showing relation of the Darwinist Van Hale, a cultural Mormon who believes in evolution, and his popularity with myself, almost universally maligned and hated by the Mormons.



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