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Answer to Email Concerning Pronouncements Concerning Van Hale on Last Broadcast

On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 12:27 AM, Aaron Lowe wrote:
Hi Art,

I haven't heard from you in a while, how are you?

I love the new opening music to the podcast.

I'm traveling down Baja this weekend but will be on the Pacific side. I make a couple of trips there a year, near San Quintin at a friend's house. I can understand why you love living there.

Was that in bad taste to glory in Van Hale's stroke? Seems so. Maybe you should apologize on your next show.

Hope all is well. Where should I send my tithing check?


He (Van) is my enemy. He has slandered me and lied about his own beliefs, distorted for gain my teachings in order to defame and destroy. The man is an anti-Christ in sheep's clothing. Too cowardly to speak his mind straight-forwardly. Let me ask you. He denies the existence (historicity) of Noah. It is no wonder that he denies my testimony and tramples the very God of Israel under feet. This denial of Noah not only obviates the whole framework of the pre-mortal judgment of the spirits of mankind, assigning them a lineage, some cursed, some blessed, through one of the three sons of Noah, but it denies the testimony of Jesus himself concerning Noah: "As in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the son of man be" overthrows Mormonism and all these testimonies of the prophets concerning Noah:

73 And also they who are the spirits of men kept in prison (from the days of Noah), whom the Son visited, and preached the gospel unto them, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh;

(D&C 76:73)
8 "By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;

(D&C 138:8,28)
28 And I wondered at the words of Peter--wherein he said that the Son of God preached unto the spirits in prison, who sometime were disobedient, when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah--and how it was possible for him to preach to those spirits and perform the necessary labor among them in so short a time.

(D&C 138:8,28)
19 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;

(1 Pet 3:19)
19 For which cause also, he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;

(JST 1 Pet 3:19)

So if we believe this anti-Christ, then Peter was a liar or insane (which is what he believes). The Book of Mormon exposes the enemies of Christ.

13 O ye that are bound down under a foolish and a vain hope, why do ye yoke yourselves with such foolish things? Why do ye look for a Christ? For no man can know of anything which is to come. ( the foundation of the point of view undergirding "textual critics" which Mr. Hale--being one of them--regards as infallible sources of truth, destroying the testimony of Brigham Young, Joseph and all the prophets!)
16 Ye look forward and say that ye see a remission of your sins. But behold, it is the effect of a frenzied mind; and this derangement of your minds comes because of the traditions of your fathers, which lead you away into a belief of things which are not so.

(Alma 30:13,16)

The Revelations of Jesus Christ


Psychiatry and other false science reproved by the Lord. Freud-anti-Christ. Compared with Korihor of the Book of Mormon. World de ceived by their publishings.

Thus saith the Lord concern-ing those sciences which are taught at this time by men, which teachings are an abomination in my sight, saith the Lord, in the which the whole world hath been deceived by that anti-Chirst, as it was prophesied that he should come by my servant John known as the Revelator, saith the Lord, even Freud, as he is known among men, and Jung and them who fol low after them, who be anti-Christs, who teach that there is no Christ:

2 Behold thus saith the Lord, they, even they are even now be ing destroyed in that hell spoken of, for I the Lord God will not be mocked, who it is that shall shake the earth, yea even by the power contained in my voice, that it shall reel to and fro as a drunken man.

3 For behold I am he who shall come in that day with the clouds of heaven, saith the Lord, with my holy angels, who are now with me preparing for battle in that day with the sons of men and their armies and their weapons which are ineffective for their deliverance from even one of my little ones, who are Sons of God after mine Holy Order.

4 And Man of Holiness is the name of my Father and we are one, and we shall not be mocked any more in that day which shall burn as an oven in the which more than twelve legions of my breth ren and I shall reap down the earth as recorded by my ser­vant Malachi, which shall burn even as an oven, for we that come shall burn them up, saith the Lord God of Hosts.

5 And that evil which we have purposed in our hearts, shall it not come to pass in that day?

6 For vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, and I, even I, shall re pay in that day.

7 For it was that I caused that anti-Christ Kori hor, to be slain, who was a type in this things, saith the Lord, who also taught men in this man nera, as I, the Lord God did cause it to be writ ten in the Book, translated by my servant Joseph, as a testi mony unto this nation, even the gen tiles, and a warning even in these things, that they might not be de ceived as them of old.

8 And it was also, saith the Lord, that these things were also taught among them before the flood which caused my wrath to be kindled against the inhabitants of the whole earth.

9 And thus it is that as in the days of Noah, so are they even now, which is the day of the coming of the Son of Man with the clouds of heaven, in this day, saith the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

10 For it was that this anti-Christ, was he not de tected in that day by my servant Alma even as Freud hath he not also been detected in this day through the medium of mine appoint ment, even my servant Art Bulla?

11 And this by the revelations which I the Lord God have given him.

12 And is not this medium in the power and might and wisdom thereof more intelligent than all the earth which combined against mine an nointed in these things, in all ages of the world, even against Melchizedec who is of old and who is one of the An­cients, saith the Lord?

13 For they, even mine an nointed are mighty, saith the Lord, and nothing can I the Lord with hold from them and they are now with me in the might of my power which stoppeth the utter ance of the tongue for the glory thereof.

14 And they associate one with another, and know even as they are known, and see, even as they are seen, in the might of my glory.

15 And there the wicked shall not have place, for the shall they pollute the inheritance of mine an nointed with their lies and their priestcrafts, saith the Lord?

16 For Nehorb, wast he not also a type of thy priests and preach ers, O man, and has he not also been detected through the me dium of mine ap pointment, as in times of old, saith the Lord?

17 For the whole world hath it not been de ceived by false sci ence and false religion, that the whole world shall perish because of unbelief concerning the right path which leadeth unto the Eternal Lives, yea back into my presence, saith the Lord?

18 Even so, judge ye, saith the Lord, and ye shall see, even in this day, when mine terrible ones come, who hath power, saith the Lord.

19 For one of these, my little ones, have they not power to de feat without loss of stride, thy armies, O man, in the might of my power which I have given unto them?

20 For they effortlessly move and dart and stand and speak as with thunder, and great glory and light and intelligence and honor, and holiness unto the Lord, and with this irresistable might and power so that the ground, doth it not open up and move, for all things are theirs, and they under stand and know all things, and they are Gods, or dained from before the founda tion of the world af ter the Order of the Holy One of Israel, as my war riors, even the Sons of God, saith the Lord?

21 And they are mighty such as the world hath not seen, yea the glory of my legions and the dev ils and the hosts of hell tremble at their name, even Peter and James and John, Joseph, and Brigham Young, and many oth ers, for they the devils know, O man, and they tremble as should ye, but for thy ignorance and slow stupidity and sloth in the flesh.

22 Yea their bodies, they are filled with brilliant white light, all power and discretion is theirs yea, my little terrible ones, for all things are theirs and they fear nothing and their virility and valiance and mastery of the ele ments maketh the earth to reel to and fro as a drunken man, for nothing re sisteth them.

23 And it is, saith the Lord, that they shall shout a magnificent shout, Holiness to the Lord of Hosts, for glorious is His Holy Name.

24 And they, even my mighty ones, my warriors who be male, for no fe males shall be among them, saith the Lord, cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance, and thy wicked ness, O man, is it not abhorrent unto them, that they cauterize with glorious and zealous vengeance, even the earth upon which thou standest?

25 For this has been done also upon other worlds formed in the might of my power, saith the Lord, even Eloheim, that death and hell and the wicked shall be defeated forever as with a re sounding clap of thunder, that shall resound throughout eternity in the victory thereof?

26 For it is, saith the Lord, that the war fought against evil in the heavens, before the foundation of the world, in the which Lucifer and his hosts were cast out, shall be re-fought upon thy earth O man, when it is that my legions who make ready to come at thee, O earth and hell, and are loosed by me, the Father of Heaven and earth.

27 And Lucifer shall be bound for a thousand years, that the earth be made free from the shack les of wicked ness and dark ness and unbelief which bindeth it even now, that my intelligence, is free to expand in the light of truth which knoweth all things, saith the Lord.

28 And the meek shall inherit the earth .

29 And thus they have pattern in these things.

30 And do they weep in thy death, O man?

31 I say unto thee, nay, but they do rejoice in their victory, and triumph, for they be warriors, and they were persecuted while in the flesh and were as sheep dumb before the shearers, whose mouths were shut by thy igno rance and wicked ness, that their spirits were grieved almost unto death, and their hearts within them were con tinu ally heavy within them for beholding thy wicked ness, and sloth and unbe lief, O man, even as I, the great est and mightiest of all, even Je sus of Nazareth, and this upon the earth by them who called themselves righteous, as the Pharisees, even as ye, O man.

32 And thus vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, and I will repay in that day, saith the Lord.

33 For I, even I, am a God of battlesc, and love the hate and the fury of the battle, saith the Lord God of Enoch, and blood shall run to the bridles of the horses and shall flow even as a river in this day, saith the Lord.

34 And it was that I, the Lord God, did cause it to be written concerning Korihor, that the Gentiles may turn away from their false teachers, even Meade, and anthropologists, biologists, sociolo gists, and all who pervert the right way of the Lord of hosts, and who mock and point and scourge and crucify mine Only Begotten anew and put Him unto an open shame anew, even in this generation, saith the Lord, for do they not teach that I am not, O man?

35 And it is when I the Lord God speak, even unto a prophet, even as in times of old, do they not even now call him deluded, O man?

36 And did not mine Only Be gotten also have to restrain his feelings many times, until the zeal for mine Housed had eaten him up, that he overthrew their tables in the Temple, O man?

37 And this he did do, even re strain his feelings for the safety of Himself and his followers who were with Him, saith the Lord.

38 And was this not because of the wickedness of the children of men as now, which provokes them to rebellion and murder, saith the Lord.

39 For are ye, O man and O woman in thy wick edness before me, saith the Lord, any different than they which crucified mine Only Begotten Son, O man?

40 And thus it is that they, even they shall not es cape my wrath even as Korihor, for did he not deny the Holy Ghost which giveth utterance, O man?e

41 And denial of my Spirit, is this not unpardon able, O man?

42 Therefore I, the Lord thy God command thee, O man, through the medium of mine annointed to turn away, O man, from these false teachers,f who are suf fering the second death, for in mine an ger against them, they shall die, saith the Lord God of Korihor.

43 And which of your institu tions are not built upon these things?

44 Therefore it is because of these lies, saith the Lord, your institutions are being destroyed, even at this time.

45 And still ye will not turn unto me, and ye must perish.

46 For thine institutions, yea thy religion and thy science, yea of Babylon, shall fall, even as thy na tion, and as them of other na tions which inhabited the land before thee, O Gentiles, have done.

47 For did they not also cover the land with the numerous in habitants thereof?g

48 Therefore why is it, O man, that ye think ye are unique?

49 For the wicked, have they not been the very same, in their haughtiness and pride before me, in all ages of the world?

50 And has not Satan had prac tice upon societies before thee, greater in power than thine, O man?

51 Yea, was not evolution and racial mixing preached by them before the flood, and what did it
avail them?

52 And have not others, also been destroyed, both body and soul in hell, as prophesied by mine an nointed, who were grieved almost unto death for thy perversity and wickedness and indifference and unbelief, O man?


54 And did not mine Only Be gotten grieve that great drops of his blood did run upon the ground because of thy wicked ness, O man?

55 Therefore, O man, ye shall die the second death, if it so be that ye grieve my spirit, and ye repent not and soften thy heart, O man, and live.

56 And it it so be that ye will not do these things, ye must perish with thine institutions, in the which they shall fall with thy society, O man, and O woman, who lift up thy head in rebellion against me, even at this time.

57 And thus it is that all perish who fight against the Lamb of God.

58 And it is, saith the Lord, that ye must be bap tized and re-bap tized, even by mine annointed servant who now standeth among you and ye know him not, or ye must, saith the Lord, perish with thine institutions, which falleth.

59 And these anti-Christs, have they not filled the earth with their writings and publishings, which have turned you, my chil dren in the flesh, from a saving knowledge of that One who had been sent unto you, shall they escape my fierce visage which shall smite them as the hoarfrost is smitten before the fierceness of the rays of the sun?

60 For they shall be brought to stand before me, and they, even they, shall bow the knee and con fess, even as my servant Alma did cause Korihor to do in that day, saith the Lord.

61 And ye, O man that believest their publish
ings, Are ye guilt less before me, saith the Lord?

62 I say unto thee, O man, nay, for are ye not all anti-Christ in these things?

63 And thus them who adhere in their beliefs to that dogma, or system of beliefs known among men as that which is left-wing, thy blood shall atone also for thy guilt in that day in which my le gions, shall come.

64 For ye shall be saved from the second death, which is the death of thy spirit, only by the shed ding of thy blood to atone for thy guilt before me, saith the Lord.

65 And this hath been a law among the Sons of God from be fore the foundation of the world.

66 And it is that mine angels, do they therefore not delight in the shedding of thy blood, O man, and because of this law, are they not justified bef ore me, the great est and mightiest of all, even the Most High God, who it is, O man, that speakest unto thee as in times of old through the me dium of mine appointment, which is after the Order of Melchizedec, O man and O woman?

67 Ye shall not escape my wrath, which is terri ble, for thy provocation against me, saith the Lord, as before the flood, have ye provoked me, and ye shall not escape my wrath in this world nor in the world to come, O man, who liftest up thy head in rebel­lion against me.

68 For ye, even ye, are loathed by them who be my warriorsh, my little ones, and it is by my mercy and longsuffering toward them in the flesh, that they are withheld by me, that ye may space to repent and come out of her, even Babylon which falleth,i and receive baptism for a remis sion of sins at the hands of mine annointed and those who are or dained by him unto this power as of old.

69 And it is that because of the teachings of these anti-Christs, that the world must repent, or it shall be consumed by fire, as spoken by Malachij, and all who follow O’Hairs, and Meades, and Freuds which abound who be anti-Christs, shall not es cape, for I the Lord God am a God of bat tles and they, even they, shall an swer these things with their own blood, for I will not be mocked.

70 Even so, may His Holy will be done amongst the inhabitants of the earth that Israel, even Jacob, be delivered, yea, even Zion, from the bondsman.

71 Even so. Amen.

a. Alma 30:16

b. Alma 1:15,16

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i. Revelation 18:2-4; j. Malachi 4:1; 2 Thess 1:7-9

I feel as passionately about this enemy as any in my life. He may as well hold a knife to my breast as to profess these beliefs of his as fact, as he does (he's a scientist, don't you know?). If Noah does not exist, then there is no judgment (pre-mortal) which assigned all of the spirit children into one of three main races or degrees corresponding to the final judgment into which all of the spirits clothed in bodies will be assigned permanently one of three heavens and bodies in the resurrection! If there be no resurrection, I of all men are most miserable rejoice at the destruction of the enemies of Christ, and I curse them that they may be destroyed as is my prerogative. Should I not rejoice at the destruction by God of my enemies?

You cannot pay tithing until and unless you receive the New Covenant, Aaron.

The Kingdom of God..., or nothing.


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