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Answers to Certain Questions

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in Moses 7:35 is Enoch talking to the grandfather here?
was the earth created by Adam or was it created by the grandfather and Adams Jehovah?
Is the Holy Ghost one of our spirit brothers also?
Wow, what great questions. I wish everyone would ask these. I have been revealed who the Holy Ghost or "Testator" is for this earth. This too is an office in the Priesthood, saith the Lord. (Btw, thanks for your participation last night. That was an excellent question which either was not perceived by Mr. Hale or deliberately not answered"). On the subject of who is the Holy Ghost for this earth, Lecture No. 2 of the Lectures on True Doctrine, which also you can download at http://www.artbulla.com/zion/order.html, deals with this in detail. It is a most wonderful and glorious doctrine and was taught in the tabernacle by John W. Taylor, along with Adam God in 1888. To lay a proper foundation though I will start with a quote from Joseph Smith himself and also the BOM. Now the BOM plainly states that Nephi beheld the Holy Ghost and observed that he had the form of a man! Yes he is one of our brothers, and was perhaps the most intelligent and radiant of the sons of God, except perhaps for Jesus of Nazareth. But eternal covenant was made between three personages before the world was made:
The Three Personages Everlasting covenant was made between three personages before the organization of this earth, and relates to their dispensation of things to men on the earth; these personages, according to Abraham's record, are called God the first, the Creator; God the second, the Redeemer; and God the third, the witness or Testator.
(Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, selected and arranged by Joseph Fielding Smith, p.190)
Joseph Smith said of himself:
The Prophet continued in this very significant meeting to make this further statement: "Would to God, brethren, I could tell you who I am! would to God I could tell you what I know! but you would call it blasphemy, and there are men on this stand who would want to take my life." Continuing further, he said, "When God offers a blessing, or knowledge to a man, and he refuses to receive it, he will be damned." Thus by the implied remarks of the Prophet, the rebellion of the weak Saints in the days of Kirtland and Missouri continued, yes, even unto the days of Nauvoo. They seemed, unfortunately, not to understand the things of God, which had been revealed. (Elder Alvin R. Dyer, Conference Report, October 1959, Afternoon Meeting, p.23)
Well the long and the short of it is that Joseph Smith is the Testator for this earth, and this was his office before the world was made, saith the Lord. I have a revelation on that subject (taken from The Lectures on True Doctrine, No 2):
Revelation Received August 2, 1989, Provo, Utah, Concerning Joseph the Seer in the Flesh, was none other than the Testator, the Third Member of the Godhead, saith the Lord, and This From Before the Foundation of the World.
1 Thus saith the Lord, it was that Joseph, our beloved Joseph was the Testator born in the flesh, that he might also fulfill the measure of the sons of God, that he might fulfill the measure of his creation, because it is that spirit united with flesh and bones bringeth a fullness of joy.
2 And thus it was necessary that he whose splendor, radiance and intelligence was greater or equal to the other of our Father’s sons, even the Christ, with whom he is One forever and ever, saith the Father, yea, it was necessary that he be obedient unto the law and descend below all things, that he too might be in all things and through all things the light of truth, with the Father and His Christ, being clothed with flesh and blood, he did verily complete his mission.
3 And He lived for glory and verily died for glory, and sealed his testimony with his blood, that this word should become a law unto the Church forever, unchanging. He is the Holy Ghost, and this was his office, saith the Lord, before the world was organized.
4 Even so. Amen.
Important: Bear Testimony of the Testator, that Joseph Smith is the Holy Ghost (an office in the Priesthood), or Testator of the Father and the Son, that is His office which he held before the world was made, that He is, was and always will be the third member of the God head, none other than the Holy Ghost for this world, only, there being higher orders, or Kingdoms, through which power is administered, saith the Lord, Adam, our Father being placed in the Garden of Eden by His Father, our Grandfather, Cain and abel being more or less acquainted with their Grandfather, saith the Lord, and Adam’s Christ or Jehovah helped him in organizing our world out of chaotic matter, saith the Father. Our Christ, Jesus, if we are faithful will help us in the same manner to organize a world with which our spirit children shall dwell thereon, and we shall become Adams and Eves. And thus the work of creation, is it not endless?
It required the death of the Testator, that the Doctrine and Covenants be a law unto the Church forever, that His testament be thus in force, unchangeable forever and ever, worlds without end, and no Kimball, Apostate or devil can contradict or do away with it, saith my Father.
Now as to the creation questions. I take it you have been through the Temple? In there we learned there was a chief manager in that operation named Michael. "For we will go down, for there is space there..." Well according to the revelations, Michael is Adam. Adam's Jehovah assisted him and helped him as our Jehovah who is Jesus Christ when we become Adams for our earths yet to be created. The Grandfather and Eloheim (which means "the gods" or the grand council thereof) ordained Joseph as the Testator and Jesus as the Only Begotten, and Michael as Adam, who is our Father, saith my Christ, all offices in the Priesthood which is without beginning of days or end of years, without father or mother.
If Adam (Michael) was an exalted being, it follows then that he was the creator of this earth--instructed by his God and assisted by his brethren. Brigham Young declared:
We say that Father Adam came here and helped to make an earth. Who is He? He is Michael, a great Prince, and it was said to him by Elohim, "Go ye and make an earth." What is the great mystery about it? He came and formed the earth. * * * Adam came here and got it up in shape that would suit him to commence business. What is the great mystery about it? None that I have seen. The mystery in this, as with miracles, or anything else, is only to those who are ignorant. (Des. News 22:308)
Bishop Heber Bennion gives logical reason for this principle by saying:
It seems strange that people will believe that "as man now is, God once was, and that as God now is, man may be;" that "God is an exalted man" and still repudiate the doctrine of Adam-God. These incredulous people believe that Eloheim, Jehovah, and Michael (Adam) the "Father of all living" created the world and yet cannot believe that He is the God of this world. It seems presumptuous indeed for them to ever aspire to be the God of anything, if Adam cannot be the God of the world he created and peopled. If a man is not to become the God of his own posterity, what [69] will he be the God of? (Supplement to Gospel Problems, Bennion, pp. 8-9)
President Young explains the significance of the name of Adam and how he obtained his role in the creation:
Why was Adam called Adam? He was the first man on the earth, and its framer and maker. He, with the help of his brethren, brought it into existence. Then he said, "I want my children who are in the spirit world to come and live here. I once dwelt upon an earth something like this, in a mortal state. I was faithful, I received my crown and exaltation. I have the privilege of extending my work, and to its increase there will be no end." (Des. News Weekly 22:308)
Brigham Young even states that Adam was the "chief manager" in the creation of this earth:
Though we have it in history that our father Adam was made of the dust of this earth, and that he knew nothing about his God previous to being made here, yet it is not so; and when we learn the truth, we shall see and understand that he helped to make this world, and was the chief manager in that operation. (JD 3:319)
Apostle Franklin D. Richards, President of the European Mission, explained the following scripture:
"And God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowls of the air; and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." (Gen. 1:28) If the Lord God has ever withdrawn from Father Adam the authority here bestowed upon him, He has not seen fit to make it known to the world. * * * Adam has continued to bear rule over the earth, and [70] control the destinies of his never-ending posterity. From the time he received his commission in the Garden of Eden, he has been laboring diligently to fulfill the instructions there given him by the Lord God concerning his dominions, and to bring them under subjection to his will. This will be fully accomplished when every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that he is the God of the whole earth. Then will the words of the Prophet Brigham, when speaking of Adam, be fully realized--He is our Father and our God, and the only God with whom we have to do. (Mill. Star 17:195)
Brigham Young, in the following four references, declared that one of the first missions of resurrected, exalted beings is to begin the work of creating and peopling an earth and eventually acting as judge thereon:
When they receive their crowns, their dominions, they then will be prepared to frame earths like unto ours and to people them in the same manner as we have been brought forth by our parents, by our Father and our God. (JD 18:259)
Adam was an immortal being when he came to this earth. He had lived on an earth similar to ours. He had received the Priesthood and the keys thereof, and had been faithful in all things, and had gained resurrection, and his exaltation, and was crowned with glory, immortality and eternal lives, and was numbered with the Gods, for such he was through his faithfulness. And he had begotten all of the spirits that were to come to this earth. (L. John Nuttall Journal, 1:18)
If you look at things spiritually, and then naturally, and see how they appear together, you will understand that when you have the privilege of commencing the work that Adam commenced on this earth, you will have all your children come and report to you of their sayings and acts; and you will hold [71] every son and daughter of yours responsible when you get the privilege of being an Adam on earth. . . . (JD 4:271)
They (the Twelve Tribes) will come up tribe by tribe, and the Ancient of Days, He who led Abraham, and talked to Noah, Enoch, Isaac, and Jacob, that very Being will come and judge the Twelve tribes of Israel. (JD 11:326)
* * *
Hence, all men who gain the crown of exaltation will bear spirit children and create an earth like this for them. They will then become an Adam upon their earthly creation and, together with their Eve, produce mortal tabernacles so that those children may follow the laws of progression as their Father has done before them. The glory of God is manifest in bringing to pass the eternal life of his children so that His creations may continue to roll on through the eternities, gaining an increase of dominions, power, and glory forever. The plan of salvation consists of a never-ending creation of earths and an ever-growing family of children.
John this is the most important doctrine ever revealed, nontheless than the identity of God. I hope this answers your questions, for I verily know this doctrine is true. Amen.
----- Original Message -----From: johnTo: art bullaSent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 10:07 PMSubject: Adam God
in Moses 7:35 is Enoch talking to the grandfather here?
was the earth created by Adam or was it created by the grandfather and Adams Jehovah?
Is the Holy Ghost one of our spirit brothers also?
Also here is something interesting that I read in this months Ensign. It is from Brigham Young, "Our Lord Jesus Christ - the Savior, who has redeemed the world and all things pertaining to it, is the Only Begotten of the father pertaining to the flesh..." it is from Discourses of Brigham Young when I read this the spirit confirmed what you have been saying. It doesn't say pertaining to the spirit. It is funny that i have read similar quotes before and never understood what that meant.
as far as the church goes, the church doesn't match the Book of Mormon. I mean in respect to who can be a prophet. I have thought this for a long time. Samuel the Lamenite was obviously not a member of the 12 apostles. In 1nephi 1:4 it says that "..in that same year came many prophets,..." these kinds of incidences do not seem to line up with what the church teaches today. The following of believers doesn't impress me one way or the other either. Poor Noah preached for 120 years and got nobody to repent or believe.
All I care about is what the Holy Ghost testifies to me. It was never the policy of detractors to God to ask people to pray about the truth of their words or to remind people that they will stand before God to receive judgment. So in this regard and from the Revelations I have read from you I am still seeking the truth from God. jv.

The Kingdom of God, or nothing.


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