Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Latest Missionary Endeavor Among the Lamanites here in Mexico

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Date / Time: 3/10/2009 10:13 AM
My Latest Missionary Endeavor Among the Lamanites here in Mexico

From an email to Jong:

The teaching appt with Jaime last night went extremely well. I expected some argument, which is the usual fare, but with him he was confident enough to receive what I had to tell him without flinching (he being a Pentacostal) and I can tell he is a warrior (former gang banger in LA it looks to be who had a conversion experience which included an open vision which changed him), and again, with him, he is intelligent about still "proving all things" and clinging to that which is true. The pictures I have, of the restoration and apostasy of Christianity proved to be effective. I gave him a copy of the 1Nephi in Spanish, as well as Primero Vision (mine) in Spanish and Section 5 in Engish (he is fluent in English). He insisted on an opening prayer, which was to my delight and he prayed in Spanish, which I could not follow, but for a word here and there. He explained he always prays in Spanish. I told him that I was an apostle, and he expressed the "priesthood of all believers" tenet common to Protestantism, originating with Martin Luther, actually. I then quoted Hebrews, "No man taketh this honor unto himself, except..." which was especially effective for I had the artwork showing Moses ordaining Aaron turned toward him as i quoted this. I then asked him who ordained Moses, which, of course, he could not explain (I was trying to make the point of ordination being absolutely indispensable), and I told him Jethro, then I explained Midain being a son of Abraham through Keturah, the Priesthood being handed down for hundreds of years until Moses showed up. Then I asked who ordained Abraham, which was Melchizedek of course. He recognized Melchizedek, and then traced it back to Enoch, through Noah, and finally to Adam. He was impressed to say the least. He then asked who ordained me, and I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to bring my line, but forgot it in the rush not to be late, but told him my line goes directly back to Jesus of Nazareth, also a Priest after the Holy Order. He said that he would read all I gave him and pray about it. He expected me to require him to blindly believe, but I hastened to assure him that to the contrary, what was expected was for him to obtain the prize himself by wrestling before God and praying and working out his own salvation. If he comes in, he will be a great man in bringing souls unto the Lord among the Lamanites.



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