Monday, January 24, 2011

Listening to "Call Out of Shawn McCrady and Titles of the Gods" hosted by Art Bulla on BlogTalkRadio

Original Air Date: January 23, 2011
Call Out of Shawn McCrady and Titles of the Gods

Art Bulla on air called Shawn McCrady's contact no. and challenged him to debate. McCrady a self-confessed laughing "wild man", and former communist, dilitant extrodinaire, the spoiled product of a typical permissive matriarchal Mormon environment, as a teenager practiced great wickedness, went on a mission, but never repented but covered this evil heart of unbelief and predation against godliness, as a wolf in sheep's clothing, received strong delusion from the devil at the behest of a minister of the devil, who then was emboldened to threw off all pretense, coming out as an anti-Christ, the reprobate he always was, now proclaiming his vision from the devil that the law and the testimony is now superfluous, and all religious affliliation is now superfluous, even the name of Jesus Christ is superfluous, etc, no Apostles, order in the house of God, non-existent in order that he may assuage his gnawing guilt by doing away with all law and justice to raise his head brazenly in iniquity and becoming a traitor to the brethren, denying the Everlasting Covenant. I predict this son of perdition will not respond to my challenge but hide in the dark as all such do, because their deeds are evil. Errors corrected concerning who created what and the offices and calling of the Gods. It is the office that created the worlds, not the personage assigned to that office for this earth, saith the Lord. Reading from Joseph Musser's great work: "Michael Our Father and Our God": "The difference between the individual and the office held by the individual, when properly understood, provides a true key. “God” is a title, an office...the being who occupies this office of God is an exalted man. The office of “God” has always existed and always will exist. It, the office, is without “beginning of days or end of years.” Those now occupying the office of “God, are not without “beginning of days or end of years.” Their creation as organized entities had a beginning"



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