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Christ vs. AntiChrist, Belief vs. Unbelief, Godly vs. Ungodly, Conservatism vs. Liberalism

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Christ vs. AntiChrist, Belief vs. Unbelief, Godly vs. Ungodly, Conservatism vs. Liberalism

Recording of recent debate with Van Hale recorded. Two world views in collision. Ancient vs. modern. Empiricism vs. revelation. Belief vs. unbelief. Christ vs. anti-Christ. The ancients were "mighty men in the earth", not knuckle dragging ignoramuses as VH believes, or mythological figments. Species radiated out from pairs brought through the flood by Noah. Abraham taught astronomy in the courts of Pharaoh.
"These sacrifices, as well as every ordinance belonging to the Priesthood, will, when the Temple of the Lord shall be built, and the sons of Levi be purified, be fully restored and attended to in all their powers, ramifications, and blessings. This ever did and ever will exist when the powers of the Melchizedek Priesthood are sufficiently manifest; else how can the restitution of all things spoken of by the Holy Prophets be brought to pass. It is not to be understood that the law of Moses will be established again with all its rites and variety of ceremonies; this has never been spoken of by the prophets; but those things which existed prior to Moses' day, namely, sacrifice, will be continued." (Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p.173)
17 And he shall go before the Lord in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. (JST Luke 1:17) 9
For this man, saith the Lord, I did make large in stature like unto them of old, who were mighty men in the earth, and strong of sinew and bone and whose constitution, saith the Lord, was mighty that they did live unto the age of a tree in the life thereof and because of the constitution of that body which I the Lord God did give unto them, they did stave off death, and this because of their righteousness before me. The Revelations of Jesus Christ, Sec 6.



The Revelations of Jesus Christ


  REVELATION on events before great flood.  Ark built upon this the American continent before flood.  Location of Garden of Eden speci­fied.  Adam's last great discourse to posterity before his translation.  Calling of Enoch mentioned in Heb.  11:5.  Enoch's rejection by inhabi­tants of land.  Subsequent success and buil­ding of city of Zion upon this the American continent before the flood.  Translation of Zion.  Enoch turns river out of its course to defeat  threatening army.  Prophecy  of return of Zion upon site which it occupied formerly.  Promise of transla­tion of all those who receive revelations given in this day.

hus saith the Lord, from this time for­ward ye shall receive commandment  or in­struction from none other than he whom I have appointed unto this power, even my servant Art Bulla, in whom I am well pleased.

 2 For I have proven him, saith the Lord, and have proven that he is a tried stone, a sure founda­tion upon which the rest of my structure which I the Lord God shall erect among the children of men for the government thereof can be built, yea, even that king­dom spoken of which shall free all men from that bondage which doth threaten their de­struction both according to the spirit as well as the body.

 3 Yea, for him I know and his works are verily known of me, saith the Lord, for the which he shall receive a crown of everlast­ing life, yea even at my right hand.

 4 For even at his word the heav­ens shall shut themselves that no rain shall fall and all things shall be done even according to the word which I the Lord God shall speak in that day from his mouth, yea even that the elements shall move hither and thither at his command, even as Enoch or Moses my servant.

 5 For these things are according to the Oath and Covenant of the of the Priesthood which I the Lord God have confirmed upon him with promise, yea for he, even he, saith the Lord, is a Priest for­ever after the Order of Melchizedec, which is the Order even of the Ancients who lived long in the earth and were mighty men of renown.

 6 And no man taketh this honor unto himself ex­cept he is called and ordained by the laying on of the hands of one appointed unto this power, as was Moses and Enoch.

 7 Even so, I am the same, yes­terday, today, and forever and bestow upon whom I will powers and authorities to act in my name, saith the Lord God of the Brother of Jared, whom the world in its wisdom knoweth not of, for this man, saith the Lord, I did show myself unto him and did touch with my finger the stones which he did molten, that he and his brethren might have light while it was that they were in boats which they had made in or­der that they might cross the great deep, and that they might people this land after the waters had receded off the face thereof after that mighty flood which I the Lord did cause that it should cover the inhabitants thereof.

 8 For this man, saith the Lord, was mighty, even that nothing could I the Lord his God with­hold from him and verily he is with me today in the might and power of my glory, which words or the tongue of man cannot form in the description thereof.

 9 For this man, saith the Lord, I did make large in stature like unto them of old, who were mighty men in the earth, and strong of sinew and bone and whose constitution, saith the Lord, was mighty that they did live unto the age of a tree in the life thereof and because of the constitution of that body which I the Lord God did give unto them, they did stave off death, and this because of their righteousness be­fore me.

 10 But behold, saith the Lord, because of the re­bellion of man whom I have created in mine im­age, they, even they have become weak and feeble and susceptible to disease and various and sundry infirmities which afflict them, for the wages of sin is death, saith the Lord, and many of them are de­formed in the birth thereof, which thing was un­known unto them of old, yea even Adam the first man, who is the Ancient of Days, as recorded in the writings of the Book of Enoch.

 11 For by this name was he Adam, known among the inhabi­tants of the earth which had multiplied exceedingly upon the face thereof.

 12 For they knew of him that he was the first man, and his wife Eve, and because the hairs of his head were an exceeding and bril­liant white, and he being bowed down with age, he did call to­gether them that were righteous among his poster­ity to exhort them in the ways of the Gods, and did bless them and being filled with the Holy Ghost, also rose up and did predict whatso­ever should befall his posterity unto the latest genera­tion.

 13 And he being filled with years, did plead and exhort his children that they should follow the ways of righteousness that their days should be prolonged in the land.

 14 And the land was beautiful and had an abun­dance of fig and fruit, though not in as great abundance as that before the fall.

 15 And he did exhort them who were his poster­ity with all the feeling of tender regard and anxi­ety for the welfare of their souls as that of a parent for his child.

 16 And there was one who stood among them who were assembled to hear these words of Adam whose name was Enoch.

 17 And Enoch was troubled in his spirit even be­cause of these things, and he being ordained unto the Holy Order of God, was pricked in his heart for the wel­fare of his brethren and sisters.

 18 For many of them had de parted from the ways of righteou­sness even at this time, and being tempted and led by that evil one who was thrust out from the presence of my Father into ways that are pernicious and did cause a curse to come upon the land, they began to wax in iniquity.

 19 And for this thing was Enoch, the seventh from Adam troubled, and his anxiety was great, yea even as that of Father Adam.

 20 Therefore he began to go forth upon the land to preach and exhort his brethren, that they might repent and believe on the redemption of the Son of God who should come in the Meridian of time, even Jesus of Nazareth.

 21 And this thing was given unto Enoch by the Spirit of God which testifieth in those days of things to come.

 22 And thus it was that they be­came denoted by the term prophet, for the testimony of the Son of God was given by the Spirit of the living God, his birth among the children of men being yet many years in the future.

 23 And these things were also known unto Adam, yea even the plan of salvation was taught and re­vealed through the agency of the Holy Priesthood, which is after the Order of the Son of God, and through the administration of angels or messen­gers from time to time from the presence of the Gods.

 24 And thus Adam’s transgres­sion in the Garden of Eden was forgiven upon baptism for the remis­sion of sins in the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Ghost.

 25 And he was born of God and through the plan of salvation voted upon from before the foun­da­tion of the world, he did over­come the fall and had his calling and election made sure and being filled with years did exhort his children that they too might par­take of Eternal Life by entering into that path which is straight and narrow.

 26 But behold many of his chil­dren did harden themselves against his words, and for this cause was Enoch troubled in his spirit.

 27 Therefore being moved upon by the Holy Ghost, he did go about calling them to repentance.

 28 And all men were offended of him, for he did verily go and de­clare with boldness concerning their iniquities, for behold they did go on in the hardness of their hearts, and were in their fallen state, carnal, sensual and devilish in their natures.

 29 Nevertheless, he, being strengthened by the Spirit, did approach them again and again, that he was thrust out from their presence and spat upon and af­flicted, yet he did persevere.

 30 And behold there were false religions which were inspired of that Evil One who is a spirit, and false teachers did abound who were not called and ordained af­ter the Holy Order of God, which relig­ions in the practices thereof had a form of Godli­ness but also denied the power encompassed within this Order, and all this according to the cunning of the devil who is the Father of lies and verisimilitudes.

 31 And in these things did Enoch wade through much af­fliction and his soul was pained, yea even unto tears and anguish because of the iniquity of his brethren who also were created in the image of God.

 32 For he did yearn for the wel­fare of their souls as his own, and in his anguish he did cry unto the Lord his God, for his torment be­cause of the truth was exquisite, for they did turn him aside as a thing of naught notwithstanding the Fathers still lived.

 33 And after many days the people began to lis­ten unto the words of Enoch, for behold he did speak with much enthusiasm and kindness and meekness and much power through the Holy Ghost, for the welfare of their souls and notwith­standing he was smitten of them h e would refrain from smiting again and returning evil for evil and railing for rail­ing.

 34 And thus he began to have success among the more humble and meek and downtrodden of the earth, for they would listen unto him and their hearts began to swell and even be comforted in these things, that they began also to taste of that fruit which is white above all that is white and pure above all that is pure.

35 And Enoch waxed strong in faith and gath­ered these from among the residue of the children of men that they began to prac­tice and learn the ways of righte­ousness, and the laws and ordi­nances of the Priesthood of the Son of God he did minister unto them, and they did have all things in common and everyone did esteem his neighbor as him­self because of the love of God which was in them to the over­powering of greed and other manifestations of their fallen na­tures.

 36 And thus they did become one even with Enoch and they did build a city called Zion which was established as a city of God and was formally dedicated by Enoch and his brethren for this purpose, that it might be possessed by the Most High.

 37 And behold, because of the righteousness of the people in the which they did see eye to eye, yea even in all things, they, being united in faith in the which is much power, it did please the Lord exceedingly, that he did take up his abode among them and spake and walked with them even as be­fore in the Garden bef­ore the fall.

 38 For they did overcome the fall, even that they were brought back into the presence of the Fa­ther of Heaven and Earth that they also became one with him in all things.

39 And their brightness and glory exceeded all imagination, as did the glory of their city.

40 And because of these things the inhabitants round about, moved upon with envy, did as­semble an army against Enoch and the City of Zion being moved upon by the enemy of all righteous­ness that they might destroy the meek of the earth.

41 And the Father tested his sons and daughters in these things that their faith should be tried.

 42 And I say, as the army was assembled against them, Enoch and the City thereof would not take up weapons of war, but did trust in the Lord their God, yea even the God of Enoch, and Adam their father they did rely upon and so great was their faith that they would not rely upon the arm of flesh for their deliverance.

 43 And as this opposition to righteousness did threaten them with destruction, behold, Enoch, being moved upon by the Holy Ghost and filled with much power which is according to the Holy Order of God, even that his frame was filled with power from God so that his bones within him felt as if they would melt as it were from the power thereof, which was of such glory and might, he went forth alone in the power of God to do battle in the name of his God against the army which had moved up within sight of the City of Zion.

 44 And he being full of the fury of the Lord, did raise up his hand, and stretched it forth and with the voice of thunder did command and the ele­ment did obey his voice, yea even the voice of a Son of God in the which he did command and the river which flowed in its course did move out of its accustomed path and did swamp the army which had been assembled in the wick­edness of the people in their pride, in the which many were drowned in the currents thereof.

 45 And a great and awful fear fell upon them who were left in the which they did flee from Enoch who stood alone in the majesty and power of the God of his Fathers.

 46 And thus Enoch obtained re­nown, and the city of Zion did increase in favor with God and the righteous did flee unto it.

 47 And as the residue did wax grosser in iniquity despite the longsuffering of God toward them, the soul of God was pained that he could no longer suffer that his people should remain.

 48 And their righteousness be­came so exceed­ingly great that the power of God wrought amongst them that they were translated in the which their bodies were changed that they should not taste of death and that the Father did cause that the city thereof should be removed from off the earth in that day, and the residue which were left did gaze and beheld it as it was taken up from off the face of the earth in the which the earth did rend and shake from the power thereof.

 49 And they did exclaim, Zion is fled!

 50 Nevertheless, the Father in his mercy that his Holy Order should be preserved among them, for all who were taken were after the Order, that thereby the plan of salvation might still be avail­able among those were his chil­dren who were the children of Adam the first man, he did cause that Methuselah should remain, he being ordained by Adam after the Holy Order of God.

 51 And the grandson of Methu­selah was Noah who did preach righteousness unto the residue and did build the ark wherein eight souls were saved by water.

 52 Even so, the Father hath de­creed unto me, Art Bulla, that the City of Zion shall again return in this the latter day unto those who are built up from beneath accord­ing to the Holy Order of God that his will on earth might be done even as it is in heaven and there is One like unto Enoch who standeth upon the earth in this the latter-day that all might be made one both in the heavens and in the earth and that the prayer which was prayed by the Only Begotten of the Father which he did pray, as recorded in the Book of John might be ful­filled: that thy Kingdom come and thy will be done on earth even as it is in heaven.

 53 And also that the God of our Fathers may once again take his abode, yea, even in Zion.

 54 And thus saith the Lord, mine Only Begotten shall return also to Jerusalem and unto the Jews which have been gathered out from the nations of their dis­persal according to the promises which I the Lord God did make unto their Fathers through the mouths of my servants Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and others of my servants, the Prophets of Ju­dah.

 55 For it is given by the Father unto Ephraim and Manasseh the promises of their fathers, even Joseph who was sold into slavery and became the Prime Minister of Pharaoh in Egypt, that even they shall build Zion, upon this the American continent.

 56 For upon this land was Zion built by Enoch and his brethren before the flood.

 57 And thus saith the Father unto my servant Art Bulla, whom I have ordained to this purpose be­fore the foundation of the world, he shall be made like unto mine Only Begotten, even in these things, that Zion will I cause to descend and we will take up our abode with them who are gath­ered out of Babylon the Great according to the words of John the Beloved found in the Book of Revelations, the eight­eenth Chapter, and fourth verse.

 58 For I the Lord his God shall give him equal power and do­min­ion with mine Only Begot­ten, for he shall be a saviour unto Ephraim and Manasseh upon this the American Continent unto which I the Father have caused that they should be gathered over in their generations.

59 For Manasseh I did bring over, saith the Fa­ther, in the day that I did move upon my servants Lehi and Nephi and did com­mand that they should leave the city Jerusalem which should be destroyed by my servant Nebu­chadnezzar in the year 600 B.C. as accounted among men, did they leave, being descendants and accounting their lineage from Manasseh, the firstborn of Joseph, and one of the twelve tribes of the House of Israel, and from whom the American Indian is sprung.

 60 Even so, O man, these are the mysteries of Godliness which have been revealed unto me as in days of old through the agency of this Priesthood the keys of which I hold, in the which whatsoever I speak, according to the will of the Father, even so it shall be done.

 61 Even so, glory be unto my Father forever and ever and may His holy will be done, even on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

·         10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
11 But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.
12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. (New Testament | Galatians 1:10 - 12)

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