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Do as You are Told; Art Bulla on BlogTalkRadio -

Original Air Date: July 18, 2010
Do as You are Told

Journal of Discourses, Vol.2, Pg.13 - Pg.14,Jedediah M. Grant, February 19, 1854 If Joseph had a right to dictate me in relation to salvation, in relation to a hereafter, he had a right to dictate me in relation to all my earthly affairs, in relation to the treasures of the earth, and in relation to the earth itself. He had a right to dictate in relation to the cities of the earth, to the natives of the earth, and in relation to everything on land and on sea. That is what he had a right to do, if he had any right at all. If he did not have that right, he did not have the Priesthood of God, he did not have the endless Priesthood that emanates from an eternal being. A Priesthood that is clipped, and lacks length, is not the Priesthood of God; if it lacks depth, it is not the Priesthood of God; for the Priesthood in ancient times extended over the wide world, and coped with the universe, and had a right to govern and control the inhabitants thereof, to regulate them, give them laws, and execute those laws. That power looked like the Priesthood of God. This same Priesthood has been given to Joseph Smith, and has been handed down to his successors. I will ask you this question, gentlemen and ladies--Can you live your religion, except you do as you are told? I have said, again and again, that if we live our religion, and do as we are told, those men will never come over those mountains; for we shall slay the poor devils before they get there.*******Journal of Discourses, Vol.5, Pg.131, Heber C. Kimball, August2, 1857 Set your heart at rest, then: you need not be troubled, nor frightened at all; for as the Lord liveth, and we live, we will prosper, and we will come off victorious. [Voices: "Amen."] You know we have to stick in an if --if you live your religion, and will do as you are told, and become like the clay in the hands of the potter. Heber C. Kimball, August 2,1857. Van Hale once again in denial as a dog returns to its vomit or a sow back in the mire.



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