Friday, June 11, 2010

The Seventy and the Keys of the Kingdom of God by Art Bulla on BlogTalkRadio -

Original Air Date: June 10, 2010
The Seventy and the Keys of the Kingdom of God

What and where is the Kingdom of God? Two requrements: 1.oracles administrator. Authority of the Seventy: Brigham Young, Deseret News, June 6, 1877, p. 274: "The Seventies are Apostles; and they stand next in authority to the Twelve ... If through the providence of God the First Presidency and the Twelve were taken away, then it would be the duty of the Seventies to preach the Gospel, build up the Church, and ordain every officer requisite in order to establish the Church, and ordain High Priests, Bishops, High Counsellors, Patriarchs, and set in order the whole church in all the world. This is according to the revelations given to us ... I suppose I ordained hundreds of Seventies in early days. Brother Joseph Smith has come to us many times, saying, ‘Brethren, you are going to ordain Seventies. Do not forget to confer the high priesthood (Melchizedek priesthood) upon them. Ordain each of them to the High Priesthood, and to be one of the Seventy Apostles.’ This was my language in the ordination of the Seventies, and that is the way I ordain them now." Parley P. Pratt, Nauvoo Record Book B, p. 226: "... in case the quorum of the Twelve should by any means become disorganized, that the Seventies held the jurisdiction and authority of Presidency of the Church in all the world wherever it might be found. ...but the authority of Presidency over the whole Church belonged to the Seventies; and if all the Seventies were killed off except one Seventy, that Seventy would not only possess the right but would be duty bound to stand in their place as the First Presidency of the Church. He said that Joseph Smith the Prophet undertook to establish this idea in the minds of the brethren in Kirtland..."



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