Friday, June 18, 2010

Reply to Ogden Kraut on Authority ; Art Bulla on BlogTalkRadio -

Original Air Date: June 17, 2010
Reply to Ogden Kraut on Authority

(From a letter I wrote to Ogden): "As for the assertion which you make concerning the supposedly higher orders of Priesthood...I tell you in the name of God that there are no others higher than that which I shall name, in the sight of God, for this is what he hath revealed unto your humble servant. The Apostleship is the highest Order of Priesthood on earth and it circumscribes everything else and all other parts or ramifications proceed out of it and nothing else, saith the Lord God of Israel. Joseph was ordained to the Apostleship and nothing else. All Priesthood is merely parts or ramifications proceeding from the Apostleship. The only office which is greater than a Patriarch is an Apostle, for an Apostle ordains a Patriarch and no one else, a Bishop does not, and Elder does not I have received it upon direct Revelation to me concerning the question, for I inquired of the Lord concerning it when I received your letter and my God who hath spoken unto me with power such that my bones quake from the manifestations of his might gave it to me: By what authority are temples raised? The Apostleship. By what authority are men ordained and set apart to officiate in Temples wherein men are taught concerning the Patriarchal Order of Priesthood? Again, by what authority are Temples raised? The Apostleship. By what authority are Evangelists or Patriarchs ordained? It is this Apostleship. And without all contradiction the lesser is ordained of the greater, for an Apostle's office circumscribes that of a Patriarch, or he would not have authority to ordain one. By what authority are the sealing powers wherein the One who is anointed hath power that whatsoever he binds on earth is bound in heaven, by what authority are they in association with? The Apostleship. To what authority was Joseph ordained by Peter, James, and John to officiate in and regulate the affairs of the Kingdom of Heaven? It was the Apostleship. (Tech problems in transmission at end).



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