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Refuting the Dominant False Religion of Our Day--Evolutionism

Section 14. (Showing Mathematical Probability of Evolution in Universe,) vs. 29-66

The Revelations of Jesus Christ

29 If the “theory” of evolution is a true explana­tion of reality, or fact, then it must conform with physics, and mathematics and other observable and provable phenomena.

30 If it contradicts any of these, then it must be that the theory is false, not the mathematical laws or the laws of physics.

31 But the blind prejudice of the scientific com­munity, which is nothing more than a hegemony of paid erudite liars, conveniently discard logic in order to stub­bornly cling to their brand of false religion, that their pay­checks may keep rolling in, for did the adversary not say that he would buy up armies and navies, Popes, Kings and scientists and rule with blood and horror upon this earth?

32 I have pointed these contra­dictions out to the Leakeys of South Africa and the still insist upon their theory of evolution in spite of reason and truth, which I will demonstrate within this let­ter to the satisfaction of a child.

33 I prayed unto my God who hath revealed him­self personally to mea concerning this theory and through Revelation, which medium is a superior source of wisdom than any mere empiri­cism, I re­ceived two blaring con­tradictions to the above named fundamental sciences.

34 Darwin was not acquainted with mathematics or physics, the fundamentals upon which all sci­entific disciplines rest, to any serious degree: he was a natural­ist who drew erroneous conclu­sions from a loose collection of facts.

35 I will show you how the world has been de­ceived:

36 The fundamental premise of evolution is that organisms sprang into being from a random chance collision of molecules in a “primordial sea” or “soup” and that these admittedly simple or­ganisms “evolved”—a term coined by some fat victorian natura­list—into more complex organ­isms by an equally random, chance process.

37 First of all this process in its description breaks one of the fundamental laws of physics, the second law of thermodyna­mics, which states that everything in nature naturally proceeds from a high energy level which is usu­ally less stable, to a low energy state (in other words, water runs downhill, not up).

38 A specific case of this law states that through a process called entropy, systems prefer to be in a disorganized state, rather than one that has a high degree of organization, such as a human body, in other words, things in nature proceed from a state of order through entropy to a state of disorder (I speak of random collisions of molecules).

39 A system which is organized has in­herently more energy, not less than one than one which is dis­organized.

40 Hence the need for an energy input of some source to effect this organization.

41 Random chance cannot ex­plain the existence of such a monumentally complex organi­zation as that of the human body!

42 It takes a great deal of faith of the blind kind to believe in such an absurd proposition.

43 It takes more than I am ca­pable of mustering.

44 A specific example of this ab­surdity, accord­ing to the laws of mathematics which we stated that the theory of evolution must conform to, or else be labeled as false, which it is, is this: sup­pose we take the random arisal of not an organ­ism, but just one protein molecule (of which there must be a specific combination of billions upon billions of these different proteins in a specific way to form a single organism, a puzzle which in its complexity staggers the capacity of all the computers in all the world to put together).

45 Now according to a good sourceb, the average length of this one protein molecule is about 100 amino acids in length (there being in the body some proteins much longer than this in length).

46 According to the laws of mathematical prob­ability, what are the chances of this one spe­cific protein which is necessary in the formation of an enzyme which is absolutely necessary for, say, the digestion of starch [just for the sake of argument]?

47 According to mathematical probability which you can read in any elementary textbook on Col­lege Algebra, (Darwin obviously did not have ac­cess to one), the chances of this one protein needed for the digestion of starch randomly aris­ing in this primor­dial soup is one in 20^100!

48 This is one in 20 to the 100th power!

49 This is approximately equal to 10^130.

50 To give you an idea of the immensity of this number, sup­pose we say that we give evolu­tionists 10 billion (10^10) years to make good their claims not for just this earth but for the entire universe which is estimated by to contain 10^22 stars.c Now for each of these stars, let’s be gen­erous and give not only one earth, but ten “earths” upon which this one random chance protein molecule is to arise.

51 Therefor, according to the law of the addition of exponents, the total number of earths would be 10^(22+1)= 10^23.

52 Now let us give each “earth” oceans the same size as the ones here which are calculated by vol­ume to contain roughly 10^46 molecules of water.d So the total number of molecules contained in all the oceans on all the “earths” in the universe (estimated) is 10^23 X 10^46, or 10^69 (10 to the 69th power) molecules.

54 This means that there are a total according to our mathe­matical calculations which do not lie, of 10^69 amino acids from which this one protein needed for the digestion of starch to “evolve”.

55 Now to really give these poor evolutionists a sporting chance (I say ‘poor’ because they are less than that along with everyone else who is duped into believ­ing their lies, for their eternities are ef­fected), lets say that all of these amino acids, combine, not once a year or every ten years (both of which are absolutely impossible) but every sec­ond of every year in the 10^10 years which is esti­mated by our brave brethren, the scien­tists, to be the age of the uni­verse, to form proteins all of them exactly 100 amino acids in length.

56 Now this would mean that every second, 10^67 proteins ex­actly 100 amino acids long would be formed.

57 Now how many seconds are there in 10 bil­lions of years There are 10^8 seconds approxi­mately, in a year (actually there are a little less than that num­ber).

58 This would mean that over all the space and time imagin­able, there would be 10^10 X 10^8 X 10^67 = 1085 chances for this one protein to come into being!

59 But we said that the total number of combina­tions of amino acids 100 in length which are pos­sible is 20^100 which is approximately equal to 10^130.

60 This would mean that the chances of this one protein (not an entire being) necessary for the di­gestion of starch to randomly form, as the evolu­tionists claim, is one in 10^130/10^85 which is equal to 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 which is for all intents and purposes, zero.

61 They also deny the findings of Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Dr. Michael Saboam, Urologist, and Dr. Moody, Cardiologist (out of the mouths of two or three wit­nesses shall every word be estab­lished, saith the Lord God of Is­rael), who have found conclu­sively to every one but bigots, that there is a separation of the spirit from the body at death.

62 Another evidence, is that if organisms evolved into more ad­vantageous strengths, why do they die?

63 And why is it that when or­ganisms die, does the law of en­tropy take over, and the corpo­real substance dissolves or decays back down from its organized peak, to the dust from whence it cometh, and not before this death, saith the Lord?

64 The answer to this decay at death is that there is a spirit in plants, animals, and man, which separates from the corporeal bodies thereof at death, and this spirit is the spark, or cata­lyzing energy which effects this organi­zation to begin with, and keeps this organism intact while still alive, saith the Lord, and without the spirit, the elements of the bodies of these “crea­tions” lose their organization, and hence de­cay back to their “native ele­ment”, because the spirit, saith the Lord, is the energy of activa­tion keeping this high degree of organization supplied with the energy needed to maintain its or­ganization to begin with and to remain, intact.

65 Therefor I, Art Bulla, com­mand all of these liberal ignora­muses to go back to school lest this Being who has revealed him­self unto me and spoke with me, come out in anger that they per­ish from the earth.

66 This of course, means that all so-called “sciences” such as Bi­ology, Psychology, Sociol­ogy, Anthropology, are phony, based upon false premises, and that women’s liberation and the be­lief that the races are equal are also false and lies based upon the false premise that there is no God of Israel who hath ordained the man to be the head of the woman, and the fact that there is a race of servants inferior from before the founda­tion of the world in intelligence and valor, for I have seen Him and He is a white male, full of fury, and might and power and glory and shall destroy this wicked society for their provocation as before the flood and the world had been deceived by them (scientists, philosophers, charlatans, false prophets, false religions, false teachers with Phds) as it was prophesied it would be: “Behold I will send them strong delusion that they should be­lieve a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in un­righteous­ness.” 2 Thess. 2: 11.


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