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Original Air Date: November 18, 2010
Revelaiton on The Purpose and Meaning of Life

SECTION 3. THE PURPOSE AND MEANING OF LIFE REVELATION on life after death. Received September, 1980, Greensboro, N.C. Future state and progression of souls of all men and women delineated. Pre-existence of spiritual bodies. War fought in this state among spirits. Rebellious spirits cast out. Memory blotted out concerning events before birth. Separation of spiritual and temporal bodies at death. Existence of devils or sons of perdition, or fallen angels detailed. Resurrection and atonement voted upon by spirits before birth. Plan rejected by fallen angels or spirits, thus denied mortal bodies and cast out to earth. Presence unseen by men, but influence felt. Numbers thereof delineated. Authority of Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedec only authority by which devils are cast out of abodes of faithful spirits [bodies]. Authority of Priesthood of Aaron also delineated. Received Oct., 1980. Thus saith the Lord unto my servants that inasmuch as ye have inquired of me to know the source of truth or that which doth testify of me, saith the Lord, 2 Behold, I will give unto you knowledge concerning these things, inasmuch as ye have asked in all diligence and humility before me. 3 Behold thus saith the Lord, all truth cometh from me, whether pertaining to those things which are of a temporal or as is spoken, a scientific nature, as well as that which is spiritual, or that which pertaineth unto the spirit of man. (See attached PDF for remainder of the revelation.)

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