Monday, May 10, 2010

Listen to the Exposing Evolution and Those Who Be show by Art Bulla on BlogTalkRadio -
Original Air Date: May 09, 2010
Exposing Evolution and Those Who Believe In It:

In response to Van Hale's statement that Church has shown no position on evolution, proof Mormon Church has shown from the very beginning except current presidency that they are opposed to evolution. Two statements from First Presidency from Joseph F.Smith and First Presidency of Heber J. Grant and quote from John Taylor. Art read from Revelations of Jesus Christ sec.14:"How the World Has Been Deceived." Art played his call in to the Van Hale show (5.9/2010) Art played G.Gordon Liddy interview of minister who's holding a mock trial over Barack Obama's eligibility as President with evidence that he does not fulfill the Constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen. Synopsis by Aaron Kim



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